Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

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By Trudy West
A Colourful Pantomime

Mechanics’ Hall, Foster
December 12th, 18th and 19th, 1959.

Producer:  Jack Gibblett.
Musical Director:  Arthur Smallwood.

Ali Baba (A Poor Camel Driver) . . . Doug Davis
Selima (His Wife) . . . Dulcie Campbell
Kemal Haroun (His Son) . . . Ruth Hemphill
Morgiana ( His Servant Maid) . . . Sheila McOrist
Cassin Baba (Ali’s Rich Brother) . . . Norman Harris
Nella (Cassin’s Wife) . . . Edna Birkett
Heelan (A Cobbler) . . . Ern Musgrove
Mustapha Dubbhul (A Fishmonger) . . . Donald Roberts
Mustapha Nutha (A Greengrocer) . . . Trevor Gasson
Al Raschoun (The Robber Chief) . . . Hugh Davis
Smashem (A Thief) . . . Charlie Atkins
Grabem (A Thief) . . . Tom Lambert
Rosetti (Slave Girl of Casson) . . . Connie Miller
Gogetti (Slave Girl of Casson) . . . Dawn Schmidt
Famdiana (the Dame) . . . Robbert Fleming
Flower Seller . . . Alvis Eling
Butcher . . . Greg Tuer
Clarrie (The Mule) . . . Phyllis Harris

Tradesmen, Townspeople, Robbers:
Bruce Tuer, Lindsay Morrison, Peter Harris, David Harris, Len Tosch, Alistair Drysdale, Ross Carruthers, Albeth Gilby, Karolyn Hemphill, Lynda Gilby, Diane Bailey, Nolene Lyons, Dianne Atkins, Mary Lester, Sandra Brennan, Margerie Linton

Ballet Girls:
Junior Ballet: Cheryl Chapman, Mary-Lyn Smallwood, Robyn Gebler, Robyn Clavarino, Heather Lambert, Lee Andrews, Lyndal Andrews
Senior Ballet: Albeth & Lynda Gilby, Karolyn Hemphill, Diane Bailey, Nolene Lyons, Dianne Atkins, Mary Lester, Sandra Brennan, Margerie Linton
“Snake Charmer” by Alvis Eling

Ballet Mistress: ‘Poppy’ Best

Foster F.A.M.D.A. Orchestra:
Conductor, A. Smallwood; Piano, D. Cunningham; Violin, R. Cunningham; Trumpet, J. Cameron; Saxophones, K. Garrity, A. Graham; Clarinets, B. Hill, F. Andrews; Percussion, J. Griffiths.

Production and Stage Staff
Stage Manager:  Alan Campbell/
Assistants:  Roy Griffiths, Jim Wilson, Alan Corcoran, John Davies, David Wake.
Stage Settings:  Robert Fleming and Connie Miller.
Wardrobe Mistress:  Rita Atkins.
Prompter:  Dorothy Shellcot.
Business Manager:  Bob Carruthers.
Booking Managers:  L. and G. Bailey.
Publicity:  Don Cunningham.

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