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Based on “Little Orphan Annie” by permission of The Tribune Media Services, Inc



Direction and choreography by NElL GOODWIN

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre

Gala Opening Night 8.00 p.m. Friday 31 October 1997

Evenings 8.00 p.m.  1, 6,  7,  8, 13, 14, 15  November

Matinee performances 2.00 p.m. 2, 8, 9, 15 November 1997

THE CAST (in order of appearance)
Annie ~ Maree Hemming / Hannah Stallard
Molly ~ Brogan Hemming / Janelle Hanily
Pepper ~ Alison Smith / Cara Treacy
Duffy  ~ Anna Dortmans
July ~ Catherine Eales
Tessie  ~ Nicole Gardiner / Kirby Richards
Kate ~ Laura Dortmans
Miss Hannigan ~ Dianne Paragreen
Bundles McCloskey ~ Peter Snell
Dog Catcher ~ Darcy Murphy
Apple Seller ~ Sue Dower
Assistant Dog Catcher ~ Stephen Dower
Police Lt. Ward ~ Brendan Ryan
Dog Catcher’s Victim ~ Maddy Richards
Sandy, the dog ~ Kate Richards

Hooverville Residents
Artie ~ Murray Dale
Sophie ~ Margaret Rudge
Fred ~ Tim Shea
Irene ~ Sue Gaffy
Peggy ~ Sue Dower
Second Policeman ~ David Martin

Warbucks’ Household
Grace Farrell ~ Judy Barnard
Drake, the Butler ~ Murray Dale
Mrs. Greer, the Housekeeper ~ Marina Sparkes
Cecile, French Maid ~ Maria Finlay
Annette, French Maid ~ Anna Finlay
Mrs. Pugh, the Cook ~  Ros Pearce
Oliver Warbucks ~ Charles Pearce

Star-to-be ~ Fiona O’Keefe
Sound effects operator ~ Sue Dower
Rooster Hannigan ~ Neil Goodwin
Lily St. Regis ~ Katherine McRae
Bert Healy, Radio Show Host ~ Tony Bacon
Fred McCracken, Ventriloquist ~ Bruce Crowl
Connie Boylan ~ Shelley Smith
Bonnie Boylan ~ Fiona O’Keefe
Ronnie Boylan ~ Anna Finlay

President Roosevelt ~ John Kahsnitz
Louis Howe, Aide ~ David Martin
Cabinet Ministers
Francis Perkins ~ Sandy Bucello
Cordell Hull ~ Phil Nightingall
Harold Ickes ~ Arie Bos
Henry Morganthau ~ Tony Bacon
Marine ~ Tim Shea


Orphans – Cast A
Performing 31 October, 2, 6, evening 8, 14, evening 15 November
Molly ~ Brogan Hemming
Pepper ~ Alison Smith
Tessie ~ Nicole Gardiner
Jo Cullen, Anna Dortmans, Laura Dortmans, Catie Eales, Genna Eales,
Tenielle Hilder, Anna Hopkins, Edwina Lorbach, Yvette Richards,
Stacey Smith, Hannah Stallard, Jessica Tabone

Orphans – Cast B
Performing: 1, 7, matinee 8, 9, 13 and matinée 15 November
Molly ~ Janelle Hanily
Pepper ~ Cara Tracy
Tessie ~ Kirby Richards
Sarah Bacon, Sarah Borman, Kathy Crossley, Anna Dortmans,
Laura Dortmans, Catie Eales, Genna Eales, Anna Hopkins, Lisa Wearne,
Angela Heyden, Yvette Richards, Tanya Slater

Verna Anderson, Belinda Angwin, Elly Baldwin, Josie Baldwin, Pieta Bucello,
Sandy Bucello, Murray Dale, Stephanie Deutschbein, Stephen Dower,
Sue Dower, Veronica Elliott, Anna Finlay,
Maria Finlay, Sue Gaffy,
Fiona Green, Kim Jarvis, John Kahsnitz, Darcy Murphy,   Fiona O’Keefe,
Ros Pearce, Vanessa Richards, Margaret Rudge, Kerry Senior, Tim Shea,
Keelly Smith, Shelley Smith,   Peter Snell,  Marina Sparkes,  Anne Tiplady

Keyboard ~ Barbara Fleming
Keyboard ~ Paddy Broberg
Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Flute, Clarinet ~ Peter McMurtry
Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Flute, Clarinet ~ Gail Sanders
Flute, Alto Sax, Clarinet ~ Carryn Caithness
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet ~ Nigel Ross
Baritone Sax ~ Rebecca Wakefield
Clarinet ~ Greg Frank
Trumpet ~ Max Wagland
Trombone ~ Brian Healy
Trombone ~ Wes Smith
Electric Bass ~ Jonathan Hopkins
Percussion ~ Jim Lowe



Director ~ Neil Goodwin
Musical Director ~ Paddy Broberg
Choreographer ~ Neil Goodwin
Set Design ~ Tony Bacon
Costume Design ~ Miranda Addison
Assistant Director ~ Steve Crichton
Assistant Choreographers ~ Rae Stallard, Deb Eales
Production Manager ~ Dianne Paragreen
Assistant to the Director ~ Ken Robinson

Set Design ~ Tony Bacon
Set Construction ~ Tony Bacon, Bruce Crowl, David Martin, Charles Pearce
Scenic Painter ~ Tony Bacon
Properties ~ Dick Straw
Costume Design ~ Miranda Addison
Costume Construction ~ Miranda Addison, Sue Hemming, Helen Bennett,
……………………….. Cast members & their families

Seating Installation ~ Tony Bacon, Trevor Angwin, Arie Bos, David Martin,
……………………….. Phil Nightingall, Wally Scott

Stage Manager ~ Peter Clyne
Floor Manager ~ Steve Crichton
Backstage Assistants ~ Mark Deutschbein, John Davies, Kevin Flett,
……………………….. Lisa Smith, Dick Straw
Dressers ~ Mothers of “Orphans”
Make Up ~ Marianne Standfield, Fran Allott

Lighting Design ~ Robert Paragreen
Sound Design ~ Brian Paragreen
Rigger ~ Robert Paragreen
Lighting Operators ~ Robert Paragreen, Dennis Roberts, Don Roberts
Sound Operator ~ Brian Paragreen

Front of House Managers ~ Rhonda Bland, Barbara McRae
Ticket Sales ~ Jennifer Paragreen
Publicity ~ Jennifer Paragreen, Tony Bacon
Marketing ~ Jennifer Paragreen
Ticket Bookings ~ Viv & Vin Plummer, Glenn’s Sports and Gifts
Photography ~ Kate Crowl
Programme ~ Jennifer Paragreen

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