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By Marc Camoletti


Bernard – John Crawford

Robert – Alan Macqueen

Judith (Lufthansa) – Marianne Standfield

Jacqueline (Air France) – Cynthia Phelan

Janet (Pan Am) – Jill Trotter

Bertha – Lyn Linton


Director – John Lea

Stage Manager – Ray Barham

Assistant Stage Manager – Stuart Livingston

Front of House – Glenyse Hanratty, Julie Shepherd

Lighting – Robert Paragreen

Sound – Brian Paragreen

Prompt – Elizabeth Hall

Set Construction – Robert Fleming, Jack Giblett

“The story concerns Bernard – a gay bachelor who thought he could easily cope with his three air hostess fiancées.

It was all a question of timetables, and a reliable, down-to-earth maid, who never forgot to change the photographs in the bedroom.

Only when “Super” Boeing takes over is he landed with a trifle problem on his hands.

His own school friend, Robert, arrives unexpectedly in Paris and joins the jet set in a hilarious whirl of confusion and match-making.”

Taken verbatim from the 1974 programme

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