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Congratulations to FAMDA’s  Gippsland Associated Theatre Award nominees:

Ben Fletcher, Fat Sam ~ Bugsy Malone  FAMDA
Leuca Maclean, Bugsy Malone ~ Bugsy Malone  FAMDA

Taliya Barker, Blousey Brown ~ Bugsy Malone  FAMDA

Justine Fowles, Undertaker, Cagey Joe & various roles ~ Bugsy Malone  FAMDA
Cas Maclean, Tallulah ~ Bugsy Malone  FAMDA
Amy Tudor, Dandy Dan ~ Bugsy Malone  FAMDA
Hannah Watson, Fizzy ~ Bugsy Malone  FAMDA


From the mean streets of New York 1929, to the mean streets of Foster 2014 – FAMDA brought Bugsy Malone to South Gippsland with a cast of 47 talented and enthusiastic young performers.


Co-Directors:  Sue Dower & Pamela Coad
Assistant Director:  Nicole Cooper
Musical Director:  Pamela Coad
Choreographer:  Megan Williams
Production Manager:  Edwin Coad
Set Design:  Geoff Davey
Lighting Design:  Matt Saario
Sound Design:  Brian Paragreen
Hair & Make-Up: Tania Pell
Vocal Coaches:  Sue Dower & Pamela Coad
Publicity:  Jennifer Paragreen

Leuca Maclean
– Bugsy Malone
Taliya Barker – Blousey Brown
Cas Maclean – Tallulah
Amy Tudor – Dandy Dan
Ben Fletcher – Fat Sam
Hannah Watson – Fizzy
Taylor Eady – Bangles
Camille Wanstall – Loretta
Isabella Thorpe – Tillie
Matilda Thorpe – Velma, Dancer, Down and Out
Justine Fowles – Undertaker, Radio Announcer, Opera Singer, Cagey Joe
Zoe Bettles – Undertaker, Customer, French Reporter, Ventriloquist, Smolsky
Leah Ross – Customer, Reporter, Juggler, Down & Out, Chinese Laundry Worker
Seth Tanner
– Knuckles (Bad Guy), Boxer, Baseball Guard
Kaitlyn Gale – Dancer, English Reporter, Dottie, Down & Out
Margot Bettles – Dancer, Italian Reporter, Down & Out
Bon Maclean – Pop Becker, Customer, Oscar de Velt, Leroy
Storm Maclean – Customer, O’Dreary, Barman Joe
Kadison Duff – Shoulders (Hood), Mugger
Jarvis Bindloss – Louis (Bad Guy), Boxer, Baseball Guard
Faith Gardiner – Bronx Charlie (Hood), Mugger
Gracie Thorburn – Dancer, Down & Out
Isla Hayward-Bannister – Laughing Boy (Hood), Mugger
Lucy Spooner-Bliss – Violinist, Priest
Tara Beavis – Dancer, Down & Out
Jemma Kyne – Dancer, Down & Out
Rachal Armstrong – Louella, Customer, Auditions High Kicker
Ella Tough – Customer, Chinese Laundry Worker, Reporter, Cook
Erik Gordon – Customer, Reporter, Boxer, Down & Out
Ethan Gardiner
– Barber, Customer, Waiter, Boxer, Down & Out
George Nicoll – Yonkers (Hood), Mugger
Callum Ross – Ritzy (Bad Guy), Boxer, Baseball Guard
Jai Atkins – Snake Eyes (Bad Guy), Boxer, Baseball Guard
Tarkyn Dann – Flash Frankie, Customer, Marbini, Seymour Scoop, Boxer
Karla Williams – Dancer, Down & Out
Summer Munson – Customer, Waitress, Maid, Chinese Laundry Worker, Pickett, Down & Out
Ryan Jones-Jacobson – Angelo (Bad Guy), Boxer, Baseball Guard
Siobhan Cooper – Dancer, Lena, Down & Out
Brielle Tudor – Roxy Robinson, Customer, Chinese Laundry Worker, Down & Out
Megan Kyne – Dancer, Down & Out
Gloria Gordon – Dancer, Auditionee, Down & Out
Kaatje Smolders – Doodle, Chinese Laundry Worker, Down & Out
Morgan Munson – Customer, Shady, Looney Bergonzi, Boxer, Down & Out
Elisha Hayward-Bannister – Customer, Chinese Laundry Worker, Boxer, Down & Out
Taj Cooper – Customer, Soundman, Babyface
Tanaiya Lim – Customer, Dummy, Down & Out
Nina Chang – Customer, Down & Out

Barbara Fleming ~ piano
Emma Fletcher ~ flute
Alicia Miller ~ flute / alto sax / saxophone
Teressa Gordon ~ flute / clarinet
Emma Miller ~ clarinet
Dianne Berryman ~ clarinet
Zavier Evans ~ clarinet
Brooke Zuidema ~ clarinet / alto saxophone
Harley McDonald-Eckersall ~ alto saxophone
Emily Duffus ~ trumpet
Ron Murley ~ double bass
Jim Lowe ~ drums

Set Construction Manager ~ Edwin Coad
Set Construction & Painting ~ Jo Bliss, Arie Bos, Peter Clyne, Ben & Nicole Cooper,
Kate Crowl, Ray & Sue Dower, Craig, Mark & Rennie Fowles, Leigh Fraser,
Charlotte & Greg Gordon, Laurie Kyne, Geoff Spooner,
Graeme Green and The Men’s Shed
Props Construction ~ Bruce Crowl, Geoff Davey, Kevin Szekfy, Marg Rudge
Costume Assembly & Construction ~ Anda Banikos, Judy Barnard, Jo Bliss, Moz Corrie, Bridget Crowe, Kim Duff, Liz Fletcher, Rennie Fowles, Sue Gale, Joan Harfield,
Sharon Jones, Sarah Maclean, Moragh McKay, Gill Nicoll, Mel Tough, Megan Williams
Costume Design & Construction (Female Leads) ~ Moz Corrie
Audio/Visual Communication Installation ~ Robert Paragreen
Tiered Seating Installation ~ Ben Cooper, Ray Dower, Bert Fabel, Leigh Fraser,
Laurie Kyne, Brian Paragreen, Geoff Spooner, Colleen Williams

Stage Manager ~ Peter Clyne
Assistant Stage Manager ~ Sarah Maclean
Stage Crew ~ Ray & Louise Dower, Ryley Duff, Hannah &Tim Fletcher, Kim Ross,
Rennie Fowles, Belinda Gordon, Laurie Kyne, Barbara Partridge
Props Manager ~ Marg Rudge
Lighting Operators ~ Josh Vitols, Andy Meldrum
Follow Spot Operators ~ Arie Bos, Jo Riley, Don Roberts
Sound Operator ~ Brian Paragreen
Make-Up ~ Tania Pell, Bridget Crowe, Vanessa Facey, Liz Fletcher, Rennie Fowles, Tracy Fraser, Belinda Gordon, Sharon Jones, Sarah Maclean, Marieke Ormsby,
Myrell Sanders, Anya Smolders
Dressers ~ Kim Duff, Moragh McKay, Jo Bliss, Sue Gale, Sharon Jones
Dressing Room Supervisors ~ Judy Barnard, Jo Eady, Vanessa Facey,
Rennie Fowles, Tracy Fraser, Sue Gale, Samantha Haywood-Bannister,
Gill Nicoll, Trudy McLachlan, Colleen Williams

Front of House Managers ~ Edwin Coad, Annette Walker
Front of House Personnel ~ Keith & Paula Armstrong, Chris Bettles, Regan County,
Bridget Crowe, Rennie Fowles, Tracy Fraser, Michelle Gale, Sue Gale,
Charlotte Gordon, Laurie Kyne, Anya Smolders, Lyn Walsh, Colleen Williams et al
Ticket Sales ~ Deborah Harris – Main Street Revelations
Venue Box Office ~ Jennifer Paragreen, Norm Willoughby
Photography ~ John Banikos
Publicity, Marketing & Programme ~ Jennifer Paragreen

3mFM, Barry Whitehead, Ben Cooper – Promontory Kitchens, Brad Fischer,
Bridget Crowe, Bruce & Kate Crowl, Catchment Players of Darebin,
Chris Bettles – Fabulous Foster FoodWorks, Christ Church Foster, Coal Creek Historical Village, David Panther – Panther’s Mensland, Deborah Harris – Main Street Revelations,
Duesburys Gippsland, Fiona Watts, Geoff Harris, Glenn’s Sports & Gifts,
Graeme & Georgia Wilson, John & Mohya Davies, Leongatha Lyric Theatre, Lisa Pellin Dancers,
Marcella Brennan, Marty Thomas – Moo’s at Meeniyan, Matt & Letitia Gardiner, Prom Meats,
RACV Shop, Wonthaggi, Rob Best – Foster ‘Mirror’, Robert & Dianne Paragreen, Rhonda Bland,
South Gippsland Amplification Services, South Gippsland Secondary College,
Steve Paragreen – Paragreen Real Estate, Toora & Foster Community Bank Branch Bendigo Bank, Victorian Drama League, Warrawee Holiday Apartments, Wayne Moloney,
Williams, Tracy, Cox – Accountants, Windy Ridge Winery

The original film, written and directed by Alan Parker with catchy songs by Paul Williams, was adapted for the stage by the Parker and has proved to be enduringly popular.
It is probably unique insofar as the film and play are both designed with adult characters played by young actors aged from about ten to fourteen years and has no adult performers at all.
In the film the leads were taken by the very young Jodie Foster and Scott Baio.

Bugsy, a man about town living in the dangerous streets of the prohibition era 1920’s, finds himself in the middle of a gang war between Fat Sam Stacetto and Dandy Dan fighting over control of the illegal sarsaparilla trade and the speakeasies.
This is the Roaring Twenties.
Bugsy Malone creates a world where the splurge gun is a secret weapon, a custard pie can be life-threatening and a young singer dreams of making it big in Hollywood.

The show is designed to be enjoyed by both young and old.




FAMDA’s production of Bugsy Malone is an amateur performance
staged by arrangement with Warner Chappell Music Ltd

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