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President:  Tania Pell – pell.tania.l [@] 5683 2603 0427 832 303
Vice President
Peter Clyne – peter [@] 5682 2711 0419 595 415
Secretary:  Dianne Berryman    dianneberryman [@]
Treasurer:  Andrew Oldroyd – aoldroyd [@] 0439 884 311 5683 2313
Publicity Officer:  Jennifer Paragreen – sgas [@] .. 5682 2077 . 0418 342 445

General:  Judy Barnard – shaneandjudy7 [@] 0437 904 043
……………. Arie Bos – abosshadycreek [@]    5688 1338
……………. Edwin Coad – pandecoad [@] …. 5689 1305 0423 455 316
……………. Nicole Cooper – nicben3 [@] 5682 1545     0429 821 545
……………. Dianne Paragreen – raphoto [@] .. 0407 883 600 5682 2421
……………. Margaret Rudge – amrudge3960 [@] 5681 2247
……………. Noel Stringer – noelstringer4 [@]      0428 871 250

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1990    Pattie Fleming +  &  Robert Fleming +
1992    Arthur Smallwood +  &  Ethel Smallwood +
1993    Barbara Fleming    Jack Giblett +     Brian Paragreen    Robert Paragreen
1999    John Kahsnitz
2001    Verna Anderson +    Dick Straw
2003    Dianne Paragreen     Jennifer Paragreen
2007    Paddy Broberg     Bruce Crowl     Max Hastings +
2008    Geoff Davey
2013    Arie Bos     Peter Clyne     Kate Crowl    Norm Willoughby
2017    Judy Barnard     Edwin Coad



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Foster Arts Music & Drama Association Incorporated
8:00 p.m. Thursday 10th March 2016
Foster War Memorial Arts Centre


President:  Tania Pell – pell.tania [@],au 5683 2603 0427 832 303
Vice President
Peter Clyne – peter [@] 5682 2711 0419 595 415
Secretary:  Annette Walker – annette080353 [@] 5682 2151 . 0417 399 134
Treasurer:  Andrew Oldroyd – aoldroyd [@] 0439 884 311 5683 2313
Publicity Officer:  Jennifer Paragreen – sgas [@] .. 5682 2077 . 0418 342 445

General:  Judy Barnard – shaneandjudy7 [@] 0437 904 043
……………. Edwin Coad – pandecoad [@] …. 5689 1305 0456 144 829
……………. Nicole Cooper – nicben3 [@] 5682 1545     0429 821 545
……………. Sarah Maclean – sarah [@]
……………. Dianne Paragreen – raphoto [@] .. 0407 883 600 5682 2421
……………. Margaret Rudge – amrudge3960 [@] 5681 2247
……………. Noel Stringer – noelstringer4 [@]      0428 871 250


Welcome to the 2015 Annual General Meeting of Foster Arts Music & Drama Association Inc.
At the last AGM it was voted to move the financial reporting period to align with the calendar year which means that the last two months of the FAMDA 2015-6 year (i.e. January and February 2016) will not be included in the 2015 annual financial statement.

The past year has been a highly successful and rewarding one which can in no small way be attributed to the hard working FAMDA committee along with that of many tireless members. During the year we staged four excellent productions, a one act play festival and our annual trivia night. Our old black stage curtains were given a new lease of life and installed on new rear stage tracks. Further improvements to our back stage lighting controls were also commissioned.

This musical was staged as part of the Seachange Festival during April and May. Once again FAMDA supported a locally written show which turned out to be a stunning success. It was completely Australian from the local Sandy Point setting to the sixties pop music. The inclusion of some very accomplished actors and many young performers with a brilliant 7 piece band made each performance a memorable occasion. The production received 6 Gippsland Associated Theatre nominations, winning 2 most outstanding youth performance awards for Leuca Maclean and Taj Cooper. Judge’s awards were received by Chris Gale and his band and the backing singers, Peter Epifano and Naomi Campbell. I would like to thank Chris Dickins for his conception of the show as well as his accomplished direction.

The Catafalque Party
This one act play, commissioned by the RSL, was written by our own Edwin Coad and performed as a prelude to the Larry Hills’ cantata They Went with Songs at both Leongatha and Foster. The Foster performance was also part of the Seachange Festival. It featured a cast of 10 including 7 students from South Gippsland Secondary College. On one evening FAMDA were staging two separate productions simultaneously at Foster and Leongatha.

The Peppercorn Tree
This play, written by Melbourne playwright Allison Campbell Rate, was directed by Bernadette Grainger and staged in October. This both humorous and deeply moving production was brilliantly acted and expertly directed. The set design, lighting and ethereal music combined to produce a memorable and masterful production.
We received 5 Gippsland Associated Theatre nominations with awards won for Most Outstanding Drama or Comedy, Most Outstanding Director of a Drama or Comedy (Bernadette Grainger), Most Outstanding Lead Actor Male (Bruce Grainger) and Most Outstanding Set Design (Geoff Davey). A Judges award was also won by the cast. In addition Chris Dickins (Best Sound Design) and Bruce Grainger (Best Actor) were nominated for the Victorian Drama League Awards.
My only disappointment was the low audience numbers who attended the performances.

South Gippsland One Act Plat Festival incorporating
the South Gippsland Youth Festival of One Act Plays

In August we staged our 15th One Act Play Festival with 23 entries in the main section and 7 in the youth section. There were quite a few headaches involved in organising the schedule which we eventually fitted into 6 sessions including a Friday evening with the youth section on Saturday morning. Many thanks to our hard working organising team, our adjudicator Max Rackham and everyone involved.
Thanks to the strong organisational skills of our team and the generous sponsorship provided by the Toora and Foster Branch of the Bendigo Bank the weekend was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to the South Gippsland Shire Council for their sponsorship of the Youth Awards. This is probably one of the best run and well patronised one act play festivals in the state.
FAMDA’s entry, Castaway was our fourth production for the year. This play was written and directed by Chris Dickins and was also performed at the Dandenong Ranges and Monash One Act Play Festivals and also a Leongatha Lyric play evening. Congratulations to Harley McDonald-Eckersall for winning the VDL Encouragement Award at our festival and at Emerald.

Prom Coast Singers
In April the Prom Coast Singers joined with the Bass Coast Chorale and the South Gippsland Singers
to form a mass choir performing an ANZAC centenary cantata written and conducted by Larry Hills. They Went with Songs was performed at Wonthaggi, Leongatha and Foster with an orchestra and the use of visual projections. The recital was enjoyed by hundreds of people from many parts of the state.
The choir once again sang at the Foster Community Carols by Candlelight.
The singers are currently rehearsing for performances at the Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival and SingSouthGippsland 2 in September with the well known Richard Gill as musical director.

Prom Coast Film Society
The society is now in its 6th season of screening a diverse selection of films at the Fish Creek Hall on the first Friday of each month. A total of 14 films were screened in 2015.
The Society is subscription based with a growing number of attendees.

Affiliations and Sponsorship
We have continued our promotion of youth by sponsoring Evy Nye to attend the Victorian Drama League Youth Summer Camp. Cas Maclean was the recipient of South Gippsland Secondary College Performing Arts Award.
We have continued our affiliation with Gippsland Associated Theatre, the Victorian Drama League and the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria.
Norm Willoughby has resigned as our GAT representative and has been replaced by Jennifer Paragreen who is also the FAMDA representative on the judging panel.

Coming up Next
The Australian comedy Australia Day will be staged 14th – 23rd October. This is a wickedly funny comedy written by Jonathan Biggins and to be directed by Andrew Oldroyd. Auditions will be held in June.
Our 16th One Act Play Festival will be held 19 – 21 August with Max Rackham returning as the adjudicator.
We are also looking into the possibility of staging a small – cast musical in conjunction with Chris Dickins. Edwin Coad is currently writing a pantomime for our consideration late in the year or early 2017.

The Boring Stuff
Our finances are certainly in better shape than this time last year. This is due in the main to good returns from our One Act Play Festival and the musical Waratah.
Despite low audience attendance figures for The Peppercorn Tree, the production generated a reasonable return. I feel sorry for those who missed seeing this masterful performance. We must do everything to encourage more numbers to Australia Day.
We made a small loss with The Catafalque Party which was due to a shortfall in the grant money promised by the RSL and no admission returns for the performances. Unfortunately we were unable to get the cast up for the re-staging in our One Act Play Festival.
This year we have spent $2,000 on new curtain tracks for the rear stage curtains where we rejuvenated from our best old set of blacks. We now have three new tracks for stage curtains with two new curtain sets. Works still has to be done to improve our tiered seating with the hall cyclorama requiring a new coat of paint. I would also like to see a clean out of our storage shed at Blands’ property.

The Future
I have thoroughly enjoyed these last two years as FAMDA President but now is the time for a younger and more energetic person to step up. Fortunately Tania Pell has agreed to take on the role.  Tania has been president of FAMDA before and I know will do a great job.

I would like to thank all members of the Committee for their tireless work over the past year.
I would especially like to pay tribute to our secretary Annette Walker, Vice President Dianne Paragreen and Publicity Officer Jennifer Paragreen and Margaret Rudge for their organisational skills during the year, especially their work with the One Act Play Festival.

Peter Clyne.


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Enjoy quality theatre and music from one of Victoria’s most awarded amateur companies.

Get involved by attending performances or auditions, subscribing to the Prom Coast Film Society or becoming one of FAMDA’s sponsors.


“Small company – extraordinary talent!”

“stunning performances” … “creative genius” … “great entertainment” … “diverse” … “award-winning” … “brilliant” … “excellent” … “thought provoking” … “entertaining” … “energetic” … “innovative” … and so much more!

FAMDA is an award winning community theatre company that has involved, inspired and enriched the South Gippsland community since 1953.

If you are interested in joining FAMDA or you have any questions, please phone our helpful president Peter Clyne on 5682 2711 or use the contact form.


Foster’s theatre company is known as FAMDA – Foster Amateur Music and Drama Association.

FAMDA is an award-winning, community theatre and singing company that has involved, inspired and enriched the South Gippsland community since 1953.

We like to do a variety of shows so we stage plays as well as musicals, pantomimes and the occasional music hall. We really enjoy setting ourselves to plays which are a challenge – Oedipus Rex in 2006 and also much more modern plays like Shadowlands, Shirley Valentine and The Cemetery Club.  We have also presented some locally written productions such as Stringlines and Bush Magic.

We have an affiliated choir called the Prom Coast Singers. Some choir members perform in FAMDA’s stage productions as well as in the choir’s independent performances.  In 2009 the choir was heavily involved in the multi-arts spectacular, Promontory Dreaming, as part of the Prom Coast Seachange Festival.

We like to get involved in community events. FAMDA recently presented a piece called ‘In Their Own Words’ (which was written with Alzheimer sufferers with their helpers in mind), and the Prom Coast Singers perform at Community Christmas Carols.

In 2011 FAMDA went back to its roots as the Foster Film, Art, Music and Drama Association by starting a film society as another of its activities.  The Prom Coast Film Society screens movies at the Fish Creek Hall at 8:00pm on the first Friday of each month.  New members are always welcome to take out a subscription.

Most performances, productions, rehearsals and singing practices are held at the Foster War Memorial Arts Centre though we have occasionally done outside events such as Alice in Wonderland, staged in Pearl Park, and have even toured to Leongatha (Don’s Party), Yarram (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) and Georgetown in Tasmania (Follow the Star).

Every year we host a one-act play festival over the weekend of the second Saturday in August.  With sponsorship from the local branch of Bendigo Bank this had developed into an amazing event with the Bruce Crowl Award for the Most Outstanding Production also including a prize cheque of $1000.

We are fortunate to have some very talented people working behind the scenes to make sure that we produce top quality theatre – Geoff Davey has won numerous awards for set design and scenic art, Bruce Crowl has incredible expertise in set building and he is also a brilliant director, Andrew Oldroyd and Rob Ellis are extremely creative when it comes to lighting and sound design so FAMDA productions are always extremely well crafted.


In 2007 we staged the Broadway musical, The Producers, and we began 2008 with a locally written pantomime called Twisted Tales from the Woods.

Our next production was Blue Remembered Hills, a very challenging play which concerns a group of seven year olds playing in the Forest of Dean one summer afternoon during 1943, when Britain was in the depths of World War II. Our adult actors had to behave like children and at the end of the play we had to burn down the barn – our sound and lighting people made this truly spectacular.

Blue Remembered Hills was entered in the Victorian Drama League competition vying with plays from 25 of Victoria’s leading theatre companies. It was one of only three plays in the whole competition to be nominated in every production category – best lighting, sound, costumes, director etc. and FAMDA won two judge’s awards, one for ensemble playing and the other for the magnificent ‘pyrotechnics’.

In the 2008 Gippsland Theatre awards, Blue Remembered Hills won four major trophies. Max Hastings won two awards, most outstanding director of a drama or comedy and most outstanding support actor.

Andrew Oldroyd won the award for best lighting for his work on Blue Remembered Hills and the company also earned the inaugural Alby Fisher Memorial Award for excellence in creativity and design for the outstanding creation of the fire effects in the burning barn.

Wonthaggi Judge, Jill Allen, gave her special adjudicator’s award to FAMDA for “producing Blue Remembered Hills as a different and challenging theatrical experience”.

In January FAMDA staged a happy home-grown pantomime filled with puns, perfidy and puppets. Called Bush Magic, it was written locally by Edwin Coad with music by Rob Ellis. There were forty two performers in the cast playing humans (good and bad) bush animals, farm animals and numerous puppets. We have everything for cows to tap dancing lambs, kangaroos and cockatoos.

  • Our next production was a black comedy set in contemporary rural Victoria called Dinner at Hugo’s. This gourmet thriller by Edwin Coad was served as the entrée to the 2009 Prom Coast Seachange Festival and was staged in Foster 17 – 24 April with Raymond Dunstan as the director.
  • 1 – 3 May 2009 FAMDA’s affiliated choir, the Prom Coast Singers, participated in a huge multi-arts project called Promontory Dreaming.  Locally written, it involved more than 100 singers, musicians and dancers in performances at the Foster Arts Centre.
  • FAMDA hosted the ninth annual South Gippsland One-Act Play Festival on the weekend of 8th August with the largest number of entries to date.
  • FAMDA’s final project 2009 was Stephen Sondheim’s fractured fairytale musical, Into the Woods, staged at the beginning of October.  GAT Awards went to Fiona Watts (lead female), Josh Gardiner (Junior Male), Louise Dower (Junior Female) and Andrew Oldroyd (Lighting Design – His fourth consecutive win). Louise Dower also earned a Music Theatre Guild Judge’s award for her performance as the cow, Milky White.

Unfortunately our planned production of Speaking in Tongues by Andrew Bovell had to be cancelled when it could not be cast.

  • In July we celebrated with other theatre groups at the Arty-Farty Trivia Party with Andrew Oldroyd as quizmaster.
  • FAMDA hosted the tenth annual South Gippsland One-Act Play Festival on Saturday & Sunday 21 & 22 August and staged a locally written drama, Living on the Edge, by Ruth Carson.
  • The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee proved to be a critical and popular success with an enthusiastic new director, Nathan Eva – winning the Gippsland Theatre awards for Most Outstanding Musical, Director, Ensemble, Support Actor – Male (Ivan Koetsveld), Support Actor – Female (Jemima Eva) & Cameo Performance (Paul Smith).


  • The Prom Coast Film Society was established.
  • Cabaretro – a sophisticated retrospective on the history of cabaret combined with a fine dining experience was presented 1 & 2 April.  The final performance on 8 April was staged in conjunction with the third Prom Coast SeaChange Festival.
  • On 21st May we invited other theatre groups and theatregoers to another  Arty-Farty Trivia Party with Andrew Oldroyd as quizmaster.
  • Heroes, the whimsical French comedy translated and adapted by Tom Stoppard, was staged in 17 – 25 June with an all-star cast.
  • FAMDA hosted the eleventh annual Foster One-Act Play Festival on Saturday & Sunday 13 & 14 August with even more theatre companies participating. FAMDA’s entry, An Unreal Reality, was written locally by Ruth Carson.
  • A Choral Festival called Sing South Gippsland! with workshops by Stephen Leek attracted over 100 singers to Foster on the weekend of 17 & 18 September.
  • We were saddened by the death of FAMDA life member, Max Hastings who had, earlier in the year, been one of the stars of our staging of Heroes.


  • The Prom Coast Film Society continued its successful screenings.
  • FAMDA staged the poignant Australian drama, The Shoe-Horn Sonata.
  • The 12th South Gippsland One-Act Play Festival attracted a record number of entries.
  • Dreamboats, written locally by Edwin Coad, provided opportunities for young people and older to be involved on stage and delighted our audiences.


  • Our 60th year!
  • There were plans to interview and record many of our significant members and to stage exhibitions of memorabilia.
  • Unfortunately our planned staging of the musical, The Last 5 Years by Jason Robert Brown has been deferred.
  • In February we enjoyed our third Arty-Farty Trivia Party with Andrew Oldroyd again as quizmaster.
  • FAMDA hosted the thirteenth annual South Gippsland One-Act Play Festival on Saturday & Sunday 10 & 11 August.
  • Foreigners from Home, written and directed by Chris Dickins, proved to be an amazing piece of poignant Australiana.
  • To celebrate FAMDA’s 60th Birthday the Foster Historical Museum was host to 60 Years of Foster Theatre, an exhibition of FAMDA memorabilia on display from September 2013 to March 2014.
    This exhibition was officially opened on the 60th anniversary of FAMDA’s
    first performance, Monday 4th November 2013.
  • There was a weekend of celebrations with a dinner and concert on Saturday 30th November and a repeat of the concert with high tea on Sunday 1 December 2013 at the Foster War Memorial Arts Centre.


  • Bugsy Malone with 45 young performers on stage
  • The 14th South Gippsland Festival of One Act Plays sponsored by the Foster / Toora Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank on the weekend of 9 & 10th August
  • Quartet


  • An all Australian year
  • Waratah the Musical written & set locally, loaded with 1960s hit songs
  • The 15th South Gippsland Festival of One Act Plays sponsored by the Foster / Toora Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank on the second weekend in August – our biggest festival ever and with FAMDA represented by by Chris Dickins’ Castaways which also toured the circuit
  • The Peppercorn Tree by Alison Campbell Rate earned four Gippsland Associated Theatre awards:Most Outstanding Drama or Comedy, Director of a Drama or Comedy – Bernadette Grainger, Lead Actor Male – Bruce Grainger and Set Design – Geoff Davey


  • The Prom Coast Film Society continued its successful screenings.
  • Another all Australian year in theatre
    • The melodrama Flora of the Prom by Edwin Coad was FAMDA’s entry in the
    • The 16th South Gippsland Festival of One Act Plays sponsored by the Foster / Toora Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank on the third weekend in August
    • Jonathan Biggin’s Australia Day proved to be a very popular comedy
  • The Prom Coast Singers hosted SingSouthGippsland2!, a choral festival with Richard Gill as our special guest.


To see a complete listing of FAMDA productions from 1953 onwards, >>Click HERE<<


President:  Tania Pell – pell.tania [@]
Vice President: 
Peter Clyne – peter [@]
Secretary:  Annette Walker – annette080353 [@]
Treasurer:  Andrew Oldroyd – aoldroyd [@]
Publicity Officer:  Jennifer Paragreen – sgas [@]

General:  Judy Barnard, Edwin Coad, Nicole Cooper,  Sarah Maclean, Dianne Paragreen, Margaret Rudge, Noel Stringer
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1990    Pattie Fleming +  &  Robert Fleming +
Arthur Smallwood +  &  Ethel Smallwood +
Barbara Fleming   Jack Giblett +   Brian Paragreen   Robert Paragreen
John Kahsnitz
Verna Anderson +    Dick Straw
Dianne Paragreen     Jennifer Paragreen
Paddy Broberg    Bruce Crowl    Max Hastings +
Geoff Davey
Arie Bos     Peter Clyne     Kate Crowl    Norm Willoughby


FAMDA life members, Dianne Paragreen, Dick Straw, Max Hastings, Jennifer Paragreen and Bruce Crowl, at FAMDA’s 2011 AGM.



60th birthday celebrations

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Everyone who has ever been involved with FAMDA, on stage, off-stage or in the audience, was warmly invited to join in sixtieth  birthday celebrations held over the weekend of 30th November and 1st December 2013.

With our diamond anniversary celebrations, FAMDA friends enjoyed songs, good food and reminiscences of sixty years of theatrical endeavours.

A capacity crowd of 140 people attended the Foster Arts Centre on Saturday night, 30 November 2013, many of them donning diamonds and furs for the occasion.

On Sunday afternoon, 1 December 2013, there were nearly as many to enjoy the same concert of songs from musical shows staged by FAMDA over the years.

Moo’s at Meeniyan provided dinner on Saturday night and there was a delicious locally prepared ‘high tea’ on Sunday afternoon.

The concert component of the festivities was divided into decades. It began with Prue Fleming concentrating on the period between 1953 and 1972 and regaling her audience with tales of  Robbie Fleming, her father’s innovations and exploits with FAMDA.

This was followed by an excerpt from every Gilbert and Sullivan musical ever performed by FAMDA beginning with Michael Strong singing ‘The Judge’s Song’ from Trial by Jury and finishing with Natalie Burrow presenting ‘When a Merry Maiden Marries’ from The Gondoliers.

Liz Hall had some funny tales to tell about shows staged between 1973 and 1983 making mention of Toad of Toad Hall, Pure as the Driven Snow, Boeing Boeing and the controversial, but ultimately very successful, Don’s Party.

On Saturday night she also welcomed back John Crawford and the former Julie Shepherd, the stars of Calamity Jane.  On Sunday afternoon the show’s director, Alan Stone, was in the audience.

Songs from that era included a rousing version of ‘Goodbye’ from Whitehorse Inn performed by Wayne Moloney with help from Brian Hoskins, Rodney Sharp and Michael Strong.

Peter Clyne spoke about the decade between 1984 and 1993 followed by songs from Kiss Me Kate, Oklahoma! and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

John Davies, the original Herod from Follow the Star, entertained the audience with his rendition of  ‘Nice Boys and Girls’ and John Watson provided insight into the remarkable emotional impact of Fiddler on the Roof.

The period between 1993 and 2003 was covered by Jennifer Paragreen who spoke of the influence of Neil Goodwin as a director and some of the talented actors and production people who contributed to FAMDA’s success during that time, particularly with its plays.

Most of the musical performances from this era were presented by the original singers including Rodney Sharp who had travelled from South Australia especially for the occasion and ‘locals’, Dianne Paragreen and Judy Barnard.

Bruce Crowl provided commentary on FAMDA’s most recent decade followed by some highly entertaining sequences such as Wayne Moloney resplendent in his ‘Chrysler Building’ costume as Roger De Bris from The Producers and Arie Bos and Brian Hoskins dressed as two friesian cows singing about ’My Bull Bill’ with ‘sheepish’ Fran Allott, Louise Dower and Nicole Cooper as their ‘baa-cking’ group.  Nicole Cooper and Paul Smith impressed with their Spelling Bee sequence.

The Prom Coast Singers bookended the program.

Prom Coast Singers on Sunday – Back row: Peter McAlpine, Jon Wathen, Rodney Sharp, Andrew Jamieson, Michael Strong, Arie Bos, Brian Hoskins, Edwin Coad
Centre: Ruth Carson, Dianne Paragreen, Barbara Partridge
Front: Fran Allottt, Shirley Wilson, Fleur Wheeler, Jennifer Paragreen, Pamela Coad, Ros Wathen, Lyn Jamieson, Kate Woodward & Anne Roussac-Hoyne with Paddy Broberg conducting

The musical content for the weekend was chosen by Pamela Coad who was also the musical director for the project.

The soloists were Fran Allott, Judy Barnard, Arie Bos,  Natalie Burrow, Nicole Cooper,  John Davies, Louise Dower, Barbara Fleming, Brian Hoskins, Wayne Maloney, Dianne Paragreen, Rodney Sharp, Paul Smith, Michael Strong and John Watson with Barbara Fleming, Kerry Pritchard and Paddy Broberg as their accompanists.

Fran Allott, John Watson, Barbara Fleming, Judy Barnard and Michael Strong

Saturday night’s proceedings included the launch of Kate Crowl’s new book, FAMDA’s FURTHER FROLICS, detailing the history of our most recent ten years, a supplement to ‘FAMDA’S FROLICS 1953- 2003’.

Both versions of FAMDA’s Frolics are now on sale at Foster’s Little Bookshop and Main Street Revelations for the princely sum of $5 each.

On Saturday night the Paragreen quartet of life members, Brian, Robert, Jennifer and Dianne, each introduced a new FAMDA  life member – Arie Bos, Peter ClyneKate Crowl and Norm  Willoughby.

Peter, Norm, Kate & Arie                Photo courtesy of the South Gippsland Sentinel-Times


Saturday night photos by John Banikos.         Sunday photos by Robert Paragreen.




This exhibition was officially opened on the 60th anniversary of FAMDA’s
first performance, 4th November 2013.


Foster Films, Art, Music & Drama Association staged its first production
at the Foster Mechanics Institute on 4th November 1953.

FAMDA friends celebrated our Diamond Anniversary with the opening
of an exhibition of FAMDA memorabilia on our 60th birthday,
Monday 4th November 2013.

The fun began at 5pm with celebratory drinks and nibbles.
The official opening ceremony, with the speeches and the cutting of
the birthday cake, followed.

The venue was the Foster Historical Museum where the exhibition
remained on display through to March 2014.

Depicting sixty years of FAMDA staging productions in Foster, there was an amazing display of costumes, drawings, photographs, posters, programmes, videos and props from past productions and references to many of those involved with the company over the years.

Children particularly enjoyed seeing many of the animal puppets created for shows such as ‘Bush Magic’ and ‘Dreamboats’.

Nolene McGlead and Lynn Atkinson at Foster Historical Museum with a costume worn by Elizabeth Hall as Adelaide Adams in ‘Calamity Jane’ staged by FAMDA in 1974.

Sixty Years of Foster Theatre was curated by Anda Banikos and Jennifer Paragreen.

It was on display at the Foster Historical Museum for 7 September 2013 to 28 February 2014.

This exhibition was officially opened at the museum on FAMDA’s 60th birthday,
4 November 2013.