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Play readings are a great means to a theatrical social time without the stress of rehearsals three times a week.  They enable people to get together with others in a relaxed environment to read through an old favourite or enjoy the excitement of a new play.

A play reading is also ideal for someone wanting to give theatre a go but too shy to audition or for an old hand who would like to try reading new roles without the pressure of auditions on their shoulders.


You are invited to our next play reading at 7:00 on Friday May 12 at Dianne and Robert Paragreen’s home, 38 Devlin Road, Foster.

On the menu is a brand new Australian play called Counting Sparrows written by Alison Campbell Rate who also wrote The Peppercorn Tree which FAMDA staged very successfully in 2015.

Counting Sparrows is set in the overflowing sorting room behind a local op shop where four workers find themselves sifting through more than cast-off clothes as pasts are uncovered and emotions laid bare. 
A compelling story of lost and found, of grief and grace.

Come along to enjoy a night of do-it-yourself theatre with no rehearsals, no lines to learn and no need to read unless you choose to volunteer!

You don’t have to be a FAMDA member to come to the play reading so everyone is warmly invited to this most enjoyable social and theatrical event. 
For more detail phone: 0407 883 600

There is no charge but you are asked to bring drinks and a plate for a shared supper.

A FAMDA play reading at the Fish Creek Hotel
Catherine McGlead, Nicole Cooper, Tania Pell, Arie Bos & Barbara Partridge


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