Jack and the Beanstalk

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A pantomime

Produced by Robert Paragreen and Barry Eling

Saturday 4, Monday 6 & Tuesday 7 October @ 8:15pm
Matinée Saturday 4 October @ 1:15 1969

Widow Sarah Twankey ~ Bruce Lester
Bait ~ Jack Giblett
Trout ~ Halm Mackieson
Miss Melly Bait ~ Margaret Symmons
Jack Twankey ~ Bruce Richards
Claribelle ~ Ethel & Kealy Smallwood
Old Lady ~ June Davies
Jill ~ Julie Poletto
Giant Gobbleguts ~ Russell Carmody

Grant Cowell, Alec Mason, Don, Robert & Brian Olazabel, Stephen Sparkes, Judy Barnfield, Lauris Gilbert, Denise Fawkner, Rhonda & Glenda Paragreen, Alison Freeman, Geoff Corcoran, Wendy Thomas, Barbara Faulkner, Melinda Dunstan, Sandra Faulkner, Ruby Lay, Margaret Hicken

Fairies & Elves
Paulette Cowell, Kerri Martin, Susan McKenzie, Belinda Nord, Kim Nord, Jenny Rochforte, Linda Rochforte, Helen West, Penny Gatliff, Suzanne Hine

Stage Manager ~ John Lea
Assistants ~ Colin Hall, John Kemper, Charlie Vagi
Lighting & Sound ~ Brian & Robert Paragreen
Assistant ~ Murray Shergold
Wardrobe ~ Pat West, Dr. & Mrs. Fleming
Prompt ~ Michelle Bowen
Musical Director ~ Nell Scates
Conductress ~ Barbara Fleming
Orchestra ~ Nell Scates, Arthur Smallwood, Cliff Cowell
Choreography (Villagers) ~ Kerry Ricchini
Choreography (Elves & Fairies) ~ Pat Stoddard, Shirley Rochforte, Bev Gatliff, Pat West
Publicity & Front of House ~ Jenny O’Hara
Backdrop ~ Alan Boucher

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