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An improbable adventure
by Frank Launder and Sydney Gilliat

Produced by Don Cunningham

APRIL 29, MAY 5 and 6, 1961

CAST (in order of appearance)
Reginald Willoughby-Pratt (a B.B.C. announcer) . . . Don Adams
Montague . . . John Cameron
William Blake (a vacuum cleaner salesman) . . . Peter Clift
Anne Vincent (Reginald’s fiancée) . . . Poppy Best
Mr. Hawkins . . . Barry Eling
Police Sergeant Basset  . . . Len Tosch
Winifred . . . Alvis Eling
Charles Boughtflower . . . Bruce Monro
Landlord, of “The Green Man” . . . Lindsay Morrison
Lily (the barmaid) . . . Rita Atkins
Sir Gregory Upshott . . . Charles Atkins
Joan Wood . . . Anne Rhigetti

Stage Manager:  Alan Corcoran.
Assistant Stage Manager:  Martin Hveissel.
Assistants:  George Palmer, Len Tosch, Lindsay Morrison and George Haines
Property Manageress:  Phyll Harris.
Scenery by F.A.M.D.A.  Art Group.
Lighting:  Roy Brown and Brian Paragreen.
Sound Effects:  Lex Brumley.
Prompter:  Dorothy Shellcot.
Make-Up:  Pat Fleming.

Theme Music: “Funeral March of a Marionette” by Charles Gounod,
played by F.A.M.D.A  Orchestra.

Members of the Orchestra:
Eileen Smith, Nell Scates (Piano); Rupe Cunningham and Charles Atkins (Violins),
David Yandell (Bass), John Fleming (Flute), John Eddy (Clarinet),
John Cameron and John Hille (Trumpets), Keith Garrity, David Harris, Gordon Eddy and
Arthur Graham (Saxophones) and Tom Lambert (Trombone).

Musical Director: Arthur Smallwood

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