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Anarchy at Yanakie

A Melodrama in One Act by Edwin Coad

Characters & Cast

Professor Edward Harris ~ Arie Bos
A scientist who is making a botanical survey of Wilson’s Promontory

Arthur ~ Neil Chandler
His assistant, actually
an incognito detective sent to investigate reports of bush rangers in the area

Mrs Persephone Wilkins ~ Deborah Harris
A well-to-do widowed lady of some years who is to stay with her sister at Yanakie

Flora Wilkins ~ Nicole Cooper
Her spinster daughter and companion, aged twenty nine and desperate

Frederick Cartwright ~ Peter Fell
A local businessman and crook

Sally O’Donnell ~ Sue Dower
The barmaid of the hotel, the wicked mistress-mind behind it all

William O’Liley ~ Geoff Robson
A dairy farmer, a good bloke trapped by circumstances

Benjamin O’Liley ~ James McIntyre
His brother, a bit slow on the uptake

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