My Friend Miss Flint

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My Friend Miss Flint

Directed by Jennifer Paragreen

Tom Lambert ~ Walter Aich

Lucy ~ Jean Tiplady

Albert ~ Phil Nightingall

Sarah Davernport ~ Dianne Paragreen

Mr. Dodds ~ John Kahsnitz

C. P. Lenz ~ Marina Bruzzese


Director ~ Jennifer Paragreen
Stage Manager ~ Peter Clyne
Set Design & Construction ~ Max Hastings
Construction Workers ~ Murray Dale, Alistair Garrow, John Kahsnitz, Geoff Smith
Lighting ~ Robert Paragreen
Sound ~ Brian Paragreen
Prompt ~ Erini Smith
Costumes ~ Dianne Paragreen
Front of House ~ Elizabeth Hall, Rhonda Bland
Ticket Sales ~ Max & Winifred Downes
Publicity ~ Murray Dale
Photography ~ Peter Clyne
Programme ~ Jennifer Paragreen

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