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Oedipus Rex

A classical Greek tragedy by Sophocles
~ Translated by E. F. Watling ~
Directed by Raymond Dunstan

5 – 13 May 2006
Foster War Memorial Arts Centre

CAST: (in order of appearance)
Oedipus – Rodney Sharp
Creon / Prologue / Teiresias – Bruce Grainger
Jocasta – Dianne Paragreen
Chorus / Priest / King Laius – Geoff Robson
Chorus / Priest’s Attendant – Denise Honeybone
Chorus Leader / Priest’s Attendant – Kate Aitken
Chorus / Priest’s Attendant – Paddy Broberg
Chorus / Young Theban Shepherd – James McIntyre
Messenger (Old Corinthian Shepherd) / Citizen – David Baggallay
Old Theban Shepherd / Citizen – Bruce Crowl
Queen’s Attendant – Jane Park
King’s Attendant – Chris Freeman
Musician (Finger Cymbals) – Bernadette Grainger
Musician (Drum) / Young Corinthian Shepherd – Arie Bos
Citizens of Thebes – Barbara Partridge, Paul Hendry, Wendy Allen, Diane Casbolt

Director – Raymond Dunstan
Set & Costume Designer – Raymond Dunstan
Original Music – Rob Ellis
Mask Designers – Meg Viney, Graeme Henry
Production Manager – Max Hastings
Construction Manager – Bruce Crowl
Settings Construction – Arie Bos, Peter Fell, David Hollyfield, David Hutton, Ross McKenzie, Bill Park, Geoff Robson, Rodney Sharp, Dick Straw, Fleur Wheeler
Set Painting – Geoff Davey
Costume Construction – Chris Beehag, Heather Drury, Pat Hendry
Mask Makers – Kate Crowl, Graeme Henry, Meg Viney
Properties Construction – Arie Bos, Paul Hendry, Michael Kellock
Lighting Design – Andrew Oldroyd
Lighting Operators – Max Hastings / Andrew Oldroyd
Sound designer & operator – Rob Ellis
Stage Manager – Alan McPherson
Hair Styling – Jenny Cocksedge
Front of House Manager – Max Adam
Ticket Booking – Main Street Revelations
Opening Night Catering – Trudy Haines
Photography – Robert Paragreen
Programme, Publicity & Marketing – Jennifer Paragreen

Photo:  Norm Willoughby, Bruce Grainger, Jennifer Paragreen, Raymond Dunstan, Bernadette Grainger and Chris Freeman with Gippsland Theatre Awards won for ‘Oedipus Rex’.

gat awards for Oediphus Rex


Victorian Drama League Awards

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Bruce Grainger as Creon and Teiresias Best
Actress in a Minor Role – Cate Feldmann as the Chorus Leader
Judge’s Award – Informative Foyer Display and Programme – Raymond Dunstan, Jennifer Paragreen and Robert Paragreen.

Victorian Drama League Nominations

Best Drama – Oedipus Rex, FAMDA
Best Director – Raymond Dunstan
Best Set – Raymond Dunstan
Best Sound – Rob Ellis
Best Costume Design – Raymond Dunstan
Best Actor in a Leading Role – Rodney Sharp as Oedipus
Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Dianne Paragreen as Jocasta
Best Actor in a Minor Role – David Baggallay as the Messenger

Gippsland Associated Theatre Awards

Most outstanding Production (Comedy or Drama) – Oedipus Rex, FAMDA
Most Outstanding Director – Raymond Dunstan
Most Outstanding Lead Actor Male – Rodney Sharp as Oedipus
Most Outstanding Support Actor Male – Bruce Grainger in various roles
Most Outstanding Set Design – Raymond Dunstan
Most Outstanding Lighting Design – Andrew Oldroyd
Most Outstanding Technical Achievement – Oedipus Rex, FAMDA
David Tattersall’s Judge’s award – Arie Bos and Bernadette Grainger as the musicians on Mt Cithaeron.

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