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Adjudicator – Malcolm Sussman 2013

Award winners (L-R):
Sean Hand, Brett Hyland, Imogen Martin, John Jennings & Genya Mik
(Pop Culture Theatre), Jeanette Dunn, Meg Dunn & Peter Noble (Nuworks Theatre),
Alison Drury (Manager Foster Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank), Tom Blackburn and
Fiona Carter (ARK Theatre), Michael Mace (Adelphi Players) & Edwin Coad (FAMDA President)

The Bruce Crowl Award
~ Most Outstanding Production
NUWORKS THEATRE Kelly  by David Dunn

Runner-Up Most Outstanding
POP CULTURE THEATRE –  A One Act Passion by Aron Toman & John Jennings

Most Outstanding Director

Winner: DAVID DUNN – Kelly ~ Nuworks Theatre
* JOHN JENNINGS –  A One Act Passion ~ Pop Culture Theatre
* MICHAEL MACEVillage Wooing, Impromptu & Down Came a Jumbuck ~ Adelphi Players
* AMY JENKINS The Pink Umbrella  ~ Peridot Theatre
* RUTH RICHTER Sisters in Paris ~ Warrandyte Theatre Company

Most Outstanding Lead Actor – Male

Winner: GLENN HUNT, Hubert (centre) – Down Came a Jumbuck ~ Adelphi Players
* STUART BRUCE, Ned Kelly – Kelly ~ Nuworks Theatre
* ARON TOMAN, Aron – A One Act Passion ~ Pop Culture Theatre
* WARRICK SMITH, Ernest – Impromptu ~ Adelphi Players
* DANIEL MADRIGALI, Jack  – Spoiler Alert ~ The Hartwell Players
* SEAN HAND, John Lennon –  Forthlin Road ~ Pop Culture Theatre

Most Outstanding Lead Actor – Female

Imogen Martin (Winner of Supporting Female Actor award for her star turn in ‘Bethany’) with Genye Mik as Celia in ‘The Butterflies are Sleeping’

Winner: GENYA MIK, Celia – The Butterflies are Sleeping ~ Pop Culture Theatre
KATE LLEWELYN, Winifred –  Impromptu ~ Adelphi Players
JOAN KRUTLI , Miss Church –  Down Came a Jumbuck ~ Adelphi Players
* GABBY LLEWLLYN SALTER, Pauline –  Sisters in Paris ~ Warrandyte Theatre Company
* GEMMA PORTER, Nicola –  Sisters in Paris ~ Warrandyte Theatre Company
* JOSIE PARRELLI, Amy – The Pink Umbrella ~ Peridot Theatre
* CHLOE KUES, Jill –  Spoiler Alert ~ The Hartwell Players
PAULA ROCKMAN, A Passenger, “Z” –  Village Wooing ~ Adelphi Players

Most Outstanding Support Actor – Male

Winner: DAVID KRAL, Dan Kelly – Kelly ~ Nuworks Theatre
* BRUCE HARDIE, Stage Manager –  A One Act Passion ~ Pop Culture Theatre
* GAVIN WILLIAMS, Alex – The Pink Umbrella ~ Peridot Theatre
* NICK WALTER, Fitzpatrick –  Kelly ~ Nuworks Theatre
* PETER NOBLE, Judge Redmond Barry – Kelly ~ Nuworks Theatre

Most Outstanding Support Actor – Female

Winner: IMOGEN MARTIN, Evelyn – Bethany ~ Pop Culture Theatre
* JEANETTE DUNN, Reporter – Kelly ~ Nuworks Theatre

* MEG DUNN, Kate Kelly – Kelly ~ Nuworks Theatre
* ANNE Le HURAY, Mrs Kelly – Kelly ~ Nuworks Theatre

Design Award

Jimmy Dunne and Sean Figgers in ARK Theatre’s maiden performance.

Winner: ARK THEATRE –  set design The Reckoning
– The ship conversion in Village Wooing
* WARRANDYTE THEATRE COMPANY – The set for Sisters in Paris
* PERIDOT THEATRE COMPANY –  Movement in The Pink Umbrella

Adjudicator’s Choice Award:
Joint Winners

DANIEL MADRIGALI, Jack  – Spoiler Alert ~ The Hartwell Players
SEAN HAND, John Lennon – Forthlin Road ~ Pop Culture Theatre

Playwright’s Prize

EDWIN COAD as writer of plays for children – Friends & Foopslbwook

Most Outstanding Original Play

MICHAEL OLSEN & JOHN JENNINGSForthlin Road ~ Pop Culture Theatre

Victorian Drama League Encouragement Award

CHLOE KUES, Jill –  Spoiler Alert ~ The Hartwell Players



Foster Primary School Foopslbwook


ANNE ADAMS, Anne ~ Foster Primary School – Foopslbwook

(Shared award)

Koonwarra Village School & South Gippsland Secondary College
to encourage continued involvement in theatrical performance

All Saturday photos: Robert Paragreen  (03) 5682 2421
All Sunday photos: John Banikos (03) 5687 1206


in performance order


Koonwarra Village School     FRIENDS

Author: Edwin Coad       Director: Hadassah Wanstall

Anna: Camille Wanstall (11)
Bella (Anna’s invisible friend): Ella Tough (10)
Cat / Narrator: Samina Wanstall (9)
Dean: Aaron Farrell (5)
Eli (Dean’s invisible friend): Storm Maclean (10)
Mum’s voice: Hadassah Wanstall
Backstage hand & Voice: Bon Maclean (10)

Synopsis:  A cat explains how to make friends.

Primary School    FOOPSLBWOOK

Author: Edwin Coad    Director: Susan Poletti

Leaders *
Anne Adams (11), Matilda Traill (11)
Tamzin Kennedy-Watterson
(12),  Tayla Chisholm

School Kids *
Bella Booth-Thorpe (10), Claudia Casson (9),
Courtney Zuidema (11), Georgia Thompson (9), Hannah Watson (9)
Hayley Lazaroo
(8), Jack Cooper (9), Lola Gilliam-Hassall (10)
Rachel Armstrong
(9), Sam Lazaroo (11), Summer Munson (10)

* All actors play a character with the same given name as the performer.

Synopsis: A group of bossy schoolgirls take some students for a bush walk.

Gippsland Secondary College    STOLEN

A presentation compiled and directed by Dean Duursma

Performers: Miranda Swart, Tyler Bindloss, Courtney McBride,
Harley McDonald-Eckersall, 
Cas Maclean, Leuca Maclean, Zavier Evans,
Louis Wheeler, Adeline Collins, Kate Facey

A response to ‘Bringing Them Home’ – the government report on the Stolen Generation (1997).


Adelphi Players    VILLAGE WOOING

Author: George Bernard Shaw     Director: Michael Mace

A Passenger, “Z”: Paula Rockman
An Author, “A”: Warrick Smith
The Deck Steward: Callum Beale

Synopsis: Anything can happen on a cruise . . .

Pop Culture Theatre    A ONE ACT PASSION

Authors: Aron Toman & John Jennings            Director: John Jennings

Mr Cranklebottom: Sean Hand
Aron: Aron Toman
Genya: Genya Mik
Kaity: Kaity Russell

Brett (Puck): Brett Hyland

Kitty: Katie Karandias (18)

Maddy: Madeline Hardie (14)

Stanley: Sarah Morris

Stella: Holly Bennett

Imo: Imogen Martin

Andrew: Andrew Proy


Come take a serious turn with PCT as we explore the life of Christ.

Warrandyte Theatre Company   SISTERS IN PARIS

Author: Frank Wilkie             Director: Ruth Richter

Pauline: Gabby Llewelyn Salter
Harriet: Simone Kiefer
Nicola: Gemma Porter
Ashira: Flora Terrens

Synopsis: Three sisters plan a dream one-off trip but their expectations are somewhat modified as their idiosyncratic differences take over the meticulous organisation of the holiday.



Author: Michael Olsen   Director: Michelle Swan

Liberty: Imogen Martin

Celia: Genya Mik

Synopsis: Butterflies are free to come and go . . .


Warrandyte Theatre Company   AT FIRST SIGHT

Author: Barney Norris    Director: Susan Rundle

Holly: Flora Terrens
Jack: James Littlewood

Synopsis: Jack and Holly shared a New Years holiday romance in Salzburg…but a year or so later, as they try to recall their shared history, is their memory anywhere near what really happened or what they would have liked it to have been?


Adelphi Players    IMPROMPTU

Author: Tad Mosel      Director: Michael Mace

Winifred: Kate Llewelyn
Tony: Callum Beale
Ernest: Warrick Smith
Lora: Elizabeth Howe

Synopsis: Crossing the line between improvisation and reality


Author: Michael Olsen     Director: Michaela Smith
Felicia: Aynslie Watson
Janice: Laura Bradley
Jasper: Marcus Ingleby

Synopsis: Felicia and Prudence Plum wake up in the tower nursery of their outback station house to find themselves chained together. Who has done this and why? And what of the dance to be held at their house? Will they get a chance to dance with the most eligible bachelor in the district, Harry Prince, or will that honour fall to their stepsister, Cindy?


Peridot Theatre   THE PINK UMBRELLA

Author: Cerise de Gelder      Director: Amy Jenkins
Amy:  Josie Parrelli
Janice: Amber Harris
Alex: Gavin Williams
Ryan: Brett Hyland

Synopsis: Five people, four stories . . . one pink umbrella.


Adelphi Players   DOWN CAME A JUMBUCK

Author: Ian Austin     Director: Michael Mace
Andy (Banjo: Jason Dawes
Hubert: Glenn Hunt
Miss Church
: Joan Krutli

Synopsis: The writing of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ 

Nuworks Theatre    KELLY

Author: David Dunn   Director: David Dunn   Costumes: Janne Barber

Ned Kelly: Stuart Bruce
Judge: Peter Noble
Mrs Kelly: Anne Le Huray
Fitzpatrick: Nick Walter
Kate Kelly: Meg Dunn (15)
Neighbour: Annabelle Mitchell (18)
Reporter: Jeanette Dunn
Dan Kelly: David Kral (18)
Joe Byrne: Owen James (18)
Bank Teller: Lydia Saroto


It is the night before Ned Kelly’s execution. He sits in his condemned cell, thinking of the events and circumstances that have led him there.


 Warrandyte Theatre Company  TUDO OU NADA (All or Nothing)

Unfortunately this entry was withdrawn because of illness

Pop Culture Theatre   BETHANY

Authors: John Jennings & Michael Olsen    Director: John Jennings

Bethany: Genya Mik
Jo:  Sarah Morris
Rayne: Kaity Russell
Evelyn: Imogen Martin

Synopsis: 30.actress.single.what else can go wrong?


The Hartwell Players   SPOILER ALERT

Author: Bradley Haywood      Director: Andrew Vial

Jill: Chloe Kues
Jack: Daniel Madrigali
Gladys: Meredith Ure
Shirley: Audrey Farthing
Lou: Mathew Clayton

Synopsis: Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water . . .  How this story turns out is anybody’s guess.

Spoiler alert: it’s not how you might expect! 


Author: Percival Wilde     Director: Fiona Carter
The Barber: Jimmy Dunne
The Customer: Sean Figgers

Thought for the play: If you had the chance to right a wrong, would you?


The Hartwell Players    DISENCHANTED

Author: Katherine Payne     Director: Peter Sims

Cinderella: Daisy May
Aurora: Fiona Clayton

Belle: Karla Hareschal
Rapunzel: Grace Rogers
Snow White: Kate Sergeant
Red Riding Hood: Molly Farquharson
Jack: Daniel Madrigali

Synopsis: Five famous fairy tale princesses sit on a train station waiting to be carried into “happily-ever-after”.  Who knows how long they’ve been waiting, or what / who will arrive on the train?

Pop Culture Theatre     FORTHLIN ROAD

Author: Michael Olsen & John Jennings      Director: John Jennings

Paul McCartney: Brett Hyland
John Lennon: Sean Hand
Celestial Singers: Genya Mik, Imogen Martin, Katie Karandias, Madeline Hardie, Bruce Hardie, Aron Toman, Andrew Proy

Synopsis: Two lads from Liverpool have a chance to say goodbye

All Saturday photos: Robert Paragreen  (03) 5682 2421
All Sunday photos: John Banikos (03) 5687 1206


Youth Session:   10:00 Saturday Morning
Koonwarra Village SchoolFriends by Edwin Coad (G)
Foster Primary School
by Edwin Coad (G)
South Gippsland Secondary College Stolen compiled by Dean Duursma (G)
Adjudicator’s comments on session

11:30 – Lunch Break

Session 1:  12:00  Saturday Midday       
Adelphi Players
Village Wooing by George Bernard Shaw (Slice of Life G)
Pop Culture TheatreA One Act Passion
  by Aron Toman & John Jennings (Drama M)
Warrandyte Theatre CompanySisters In Paris
by Frank Wilkie (Comedy G)
Adjudicator’s comments on session

2.40 – Afternoon Tea

Session 2:    3:00 Saturday Afternoon
Pop Culture TheatreThe Butterflies are Sleeping by Michael Olsen (Drama M) 
Warrandyte Theatre CompanyAt First Sight
by Barney Norris (Drama G)
Adelphi PlayersImpromptu
by Tad Mosel (Drama G)
Hartwell PlayersThe Last Dance of the Plum Sisters 
by Michael Olsen (Fairytale PG)
Adjudicator’s comments on session

6:00 – 7:30 – DINNER BREAK
In-house catering with bar service for those already booked

Session 3:   7:30 Saturday Night  
Peridot TheatreThe Pink Umbrella
by Cerise de Gelder (Whimsical G)
Adelphi Players
Down Came a Jumbuck by Ian Austin (Whimsical G)
Supper time

Nuworks TheatreKelly
by David Dunn (Drama M)
Adjudicator’s comments on session     


Session 4:   11:30 Sunday
Warrandyte Theatre Co 
Tudo Ou Nada by Frank Wilkie (Drama G)  CANCELLED

Session 4:   12:00 Sunday
Pop Culture TheatreBethany by John Jennings & Michael Olsen (Comedy G)
Hartwell Players – Spoiler Alert  by Bradley Hayward
(Fractured fairytale G)
Adjudicator’s comments on session                                               

1:30 – Lunch Break

Session 4 continues:   2:00 Sunday afternoon 
Ark Theatre The Reckoning by Percival Wilde  (Drama G)
Hartwell PlayersDisenchanted
by Katherine Payne (Fractured Fairytale G)
Pop Culture Theatre
Forthlin Road by Michael Olsen & John Jennings (Drama PG)
Adjudicator’s comments on session             

4:00 – Afternoon Tea

ASAP – Awards Announced

Saturday night dinner bookings, all comments and inquiries to:
Marieke Ormsby   Telephone: 0403 059 704     (03) 5682 1820  
Email: marieke @


A one act play festival gives the chance for a friendly theatrical competition. You can see new plays, support your friends, meet new people and be thoroughly entertained.

It’s an exciting prospect for theatre companies from all over Victoria to come together with the opportunity to showcase their talents to an audience not normally available to them and it’s also a marvellous chance for local people to see some wonderful theatrical talent close to home and without spending a fortune.

Over the weekend of 10 and 11 August Foster theatre company, FAMDA, will be hosting its thirteenth Annual South Gippsland Festival of One-Act Plays at the Foster Arts Centre.

This year the generous prize money made possible by sponsorship of the Toora and Foster Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank, has enticed several Melbourne theatre companies to bring sixteen plays to South Gippsland.


FAMDA has organised in-house catering for the weekend.
You can buy soup and a roll for a quick, tasty, hot lunch each day.
Devonshire tea will be available throughout each day and supper will be served during set-up times on Saturday night.

To allow time for more socialising on Saturday evening, and to ensure that everyone is able to get their meal on time, FAMDA has arranged in-house catering at the Foster Arts Centre.

The Prom Coast Aged Care catering corps will be swinging into action raising money for their building fund while providing a delicious meal for performers and audience members.

The two course dinner with main course and sweets includes a vegetarian option and will cost $25.   You can contribute to a good cause while enjoying the cuisine, convenience and camaraderie of this in-house dining experience.

To reduce wastage as much as possible, we need to know how many people would like to take up this option.

Graeme and Georgia Wilson of Windy Ridge Winery will provide bar service on Saturday night.

To book yourself in for dinner please contact Marieke Ormsby via marieke @ or 5682 1820 or 0403 059 704 by Wednesday 7 August.

Patrons are, of course, welcome to bring their own drinks and nibbles.

Bruce Crowl Award – Most Outstanding Production = $1000 plus a trophy
Runner-up Most Outstanding Production = $200
Most Outstanding Director = $250 plus a trophy
Most Outstanding Male Actor = $250 plus a trophy
Most Outstanding Female Actor = $250 plus a trophy
Most Outstanding Support Actor (Male) = $100 plus a trophy
Most Outstanding Support Actor (Female) = $100 plus a trophy   
Design Award = $100 plus a trophy
Adjudicator’s Award = $100 plus a trophy
Playwright’s Award*= $100

* Most Outstanding Original Play (first performed 2012 – 2013)

Most Outstanding School Production = $100 plus a trophy
Most Outstanding Young Actor = $50

In addition Victorian Drama League provides a $50 Encouragement Award

** Please note for 2013 the award for best youth performer will be presented to someone from the schools section.
There will be no special youth category for actors in the adult section.  This award has been replaced by an extra award in the support actor category which now involves separate awards for male and female actors.

Entries closed: Friday 12 July 2013

Information Letter 13

Word Version          PDF Version


Victorian One Act Play Festival Circuit 2013

The Mount Players 10th One Act Play Festival
Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 July
The Mountview Theatre, 56 Smith Street, Macedon

Dandenong Ranges One Act Play Festival
Saturday 20 – Sunday 21 July
Hosted by Gemco Players Community Theatre
The Gem Theatre, 19 Kilvington Drive, Emerald

Ararat One Act Play Festival
Saturday 3 & Sunday4 August
Ararat Performing Arts Centre, Barkly St, Ararat

South Gippsland 13th One Act Play Festival
Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 August
Hosted by FAMDA (Foster Amateur Music & Drama Association)
Foster War Memorial Arts Centre, Main Street, Foster

Her Majesty’s Theatre – Royal South Street One Act Play Festival
Saturday 17  & Sunday 18 August
Hosted by Royal South Street Society
Her Majesty’s Theatre, 17 Lydiad Street, Ballarat

Anglesea 24th One Act Play Festival
Saturday 24  & Sunday 25 August
Anglesea Hall, McMillan Street, Anglesea

Kyneton One Act Play Festival
Friday 6 (Youth), Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 September
Bluestone Theatre, Hutton Street, Kyneton

Monash One Act Play Festival
Friday 20 – Sunday 22 September
Hosted by Peridot Theatre
Peridot Theatre, Mt Waverley Secondary College, Lechte Rd.,  Mt Waverley

Deloraine Festival of One Act Plays
Friday 20  & Saturday 21 September

Deloraine Little Theatre, Deloraine, TASMANIA 7304

For further details of one act play festivals, entry closing dates etc. visit



An engaging and entertaining production of a cute, fun show.

Fortunately this was the first time I had seen the piece and could not, therefore, bring any preconceptions from previous viewings. For those who haven’t seen ‘Spelling Bee’ it concerns a group of quirky adolescents who are the finalists in one of those, typically American, spelling competitions. Three adults oversee the competition and members of the audience are brought on stage to compete. Before looking further into this specific production I feel it necessary to look at the genesis of the show. It started life as an improvisational play (C-R-E-P-U-S-C-U-L-E) created by a New-York based improvisational comedy troupe. The resulting piece was ‘work-shopped’ and then developed, through the use of a script doctor and a composer-lyricist, into a fully scripted musical. As with all such developments it is difficult to pin-point who did what and when, and this can lead to a hotchpotch end product. Fortunately, in the main, Bee has retained what must have been the original endearing charm and punch. I cannot say that I find the music very memorable (much recitative, little aria). It is very derivative, doesn’t progress the plot and much of it seems to be ‘tacked on’. The only number with real impact is ‘The I Love You Song’. Whilst the whole cast were vocally strong, in this size of a venue amplification should not be necessary. Often the volume was too high and, as a result, some of the voices became shrill. Of course this isn’t the first time that a musical has been developed in this way – probably the most famous example is ‘Chorus Line’. As in Chorus Line this piece has little development, being rather a series of cameos linked together by the original premise. Again as in ‘Chorus Line’ each character has ‘baggage’ to carry and the audience whilst appreciating the humour and expertise of each character is also being involved in their individual problems. The trick is to make sure that these characters are real and not stereotypes. Comedy springs from realism, believability. If it is not real it is superficial and therefore less effective gaining less sympathy. Here we have a very diverse group of characters; the danger is to play their superficial quirks and turn them into caricatures – grotesques – which can lead to overacting. The audience continues to laugh but is less involved. As I say, not having seen the piece before, one must make assumptions about what to attribute to the original script/score and what to this production. What are inherent in the script and what is down to this production. In his programme note the director, Emil Freund, indicates that he adopted an Ensemble approach; as this was how the piece was originally developed this would seem a very logical starting point. However one of the dangers of this approach is that the end product can become so diverse that there isn’t a ‘through line’ and a consistent style. (One of the reasons why the original improvisatory play needed a script-doctor and a composer). Sooner or later the Director must make final decision and, if necessary, weald a heavy hand. In an otherwise splendid production I thought that there were times when this heavy hand had been needed. This applied to some performances and some of the staging. During solo numbers the focal point must remain on the soloist without subsidiary characters distracting, and upstaging, with ‘demonstration’ acting. Fortunately both the direction and choreography were seamless (nothing worse than seeing where either starts and finishes). The energy from all concerned was palpable and infectious whilst avoiding being too slick. The advantage, for this type of production, of being in an intimate venue in a smallish community is that one can play the ‘Parochial’ card both in topical references and in the selection of audience participants. This was particularly well handled by the more mature and experienced members of the cast. However this very parochial nature can tend to encourage approbation for the performer rather than for their performance. Great to see, and hear, both Maxine Montgomery (Peretti) and Andrew Seeary (Panch) back on this stage. Matt Faravoni (Mitch) brought both a powerful voice and warmth to his characters. I thought that the three younger ladies, Maddie Wooster, Allie Sutherland and Vanessa Sheehan (also choreographer) were particularly effective. Gareth Prosser has probably the most bizarre of the characters, Coneybear, and only just managed to avoid turning him into a ‘Stand-up’ routine. On the other hand Gareth Grainger (Barfee) managed to restrain his exuberance and deliver a very touching character. Nathaniel Taylor led a tight band and it was great to see so many young local enthusiasts in the talented Production team. Over the last few years BLOC Music Theatre have started to branch out with this sort of ‘Boutique’ production which not only gives their performers a wider variety of opportunities but also the same for their audiences – I hope that it continues. I really enjoyed my night out at The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, a honey of a show and a marvellous production.

5 Responses to “One Act Play Fest 2013”

  1. David Tynan Says:


    I am from Warrandyte Theatre Company, and we wondered whether we might come again to your OAP Festival, which we very much enjoyed. Can I ask whether you have just a $1000 prize for best play, or whether you also have a second/third best prize as well?

    Kind regards

  2. jenniferparagreen Says:

    The $1000 prize for the most outstanding play will remain as it has been for the last two years but we have introduced an ADDITIONAL prize of $200 for the runner-up in the best play category.
    The winner in each category will receive a trophy as well as the monetary prize.

    Prize money will be awarded as follows:
    Most Outstanding Play – $1000 plus a trophy
    Runner-up Most Outstanding Play – $200
    Most Outstanding Director – $250 plus a trophy
    Most Outstanding Male Actor – $250 plus a trophy
    Most Outstanding Female Actor – $250 plus a trophy
    Design Award – $100 plus a trophy
    Adjudicator’s Award – $100 plus a trophy
    Most Outstanding Youth Performance – $50 plus a trophy

    The Victorian Drama League also provides an Encouragement Award.

  3. Bruce Says:

    Thanks for hosting another great festival.

    An absolute pleasure to be a part of and to share some great performances with groups from all over the place.

    Looking forward to coming back next to try and defend our title.

    Bruce Hardie
    Pop Culture Theatre.

  4. jenniferparagreen Says:

    Thanks Bruce.
    Glad you enjoyed it all. Loved having your company over the weekend.

  5. John Jennings Says:

    I would like to echo Bruce’s comments, and add that naming the best production award after Bruce Crowl is a well deserved honour for him and we could not be happier to be the inaugural recipients of it.
    Whilst we have only be involved for the last two festivals, Bruce has always gone out of his way to make sure that everyone is happy and everything is going smoothly.
    Long may he reign over the festival and long may the festival continue.
    We all look forward to returning next year, meeting new people, seeing new plays and generally running riot around the place 🙂

    John Jennings
    Pop Culture Theatre.

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