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A Musical Play by ‘Cryptos’

Constructed by James T. Tanner
Lyrics by Adrian Ross and Percy Greenbank
Music by Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton

Foster Mechanics’ Hall

13, 19 & 20 August 1960

Mr. Toplady
(Manager of Garrod’s Store) ~ Don Roberts
Attendant ~ Greg Tuer
Miss Beauclere
~ Carol Giblett
Lord Eynsford (in love with Mary) ~ Athol Brown
Mrs. Farquhar (an impecunious woman of fashion) ~ Gladys Bailey
The Duchess of Minster (Lady Thanet’s Mother) ~ Dorothy Shellcot
Lady Elizabeth Thanet (engaged to Lord Eynsford) ~ Margaret Hales
Madame Jeanne (Modiste at Garrod’s) ~ Judy Rennick
Miss Gibbs ~ Sheila Joyce
The Hon. Hughie Pierrepont (an amateur criminal) ~ Len Tosch
A Taxi Cabby ~ Barry Eling
Timothy Gibbs (Mary’s Yorkshire Cousin) ~ Dick Straw
Slithers (a professional crook) ~ Roy Griffiths
Mr. Beavis (the Earl’s family solicitor) ~ John Davies
The Earl of St. Ives (Lord Eynsford’s father) ~ Des Heaton-Harris
Bulge ~ Gordon Atkin
Policeman ~ Bruce Monro
Mr. Amalfy (the Director-General of the White City) ~ Lindsay Morrison
Mannequin ~ Wendy Milne

Lady Sybil ~ Dawn Roberts
Lady Connie ~ Carol Hill
Lady Trixie ~ Janice Linton
Lady Angela ~ Maree Tatterson
Lady Muriel ~ Joan McKnight
Lady Gwen ~ Felicitas Munro

Peter Clift, Bruce Munro, Bill Weedon, Bill Emmerson, Jarvis Morris, Hugh Davis

Shop Assistants
Gwen Waller, Mary Cunningham, Marj. Ross, Peggy Armstrong, Jean Stewart

Jean Newton, Wendy Milne, Gordon Atkin, Laurie Best

Piano ~ Mr. D. Cunningham
Violins ~ Mrs. C. G. Smith, Miss M. Papworth, Messrs R. Cunningham, C. Atkins, Rev. Scutt
Flute ~ Mrs. Jelbart
Saxophones ~ Messrs K. Garrity, A. Graham, G. Eddy
Bass ~ Mr. D. Yandell
Clarinets ~ Mr. J. Eddy, Miss Faye Andrews
Trumpet ~ Mr. J. Cameron
Trombone ~ Mr. T. Lambert
Percussion ~ Messrs R. Fergeus and J. Griffiths

Rehearsal Accompanists ~ Mrs C. G. Smith and Mr. D. Cunningham

Producer ~ Jack Giblett
Musical Director ~
Arthur Smallwood
Choreography ~
Poppy Best and Dorothy Cowell
Stage Manager ~
Alan Corcoran
Stage Assistants ~ Jim Drysdale, Neil Linborn, David Wake, Jim Nicholson, Barry Eling and Jim Rennick
Scenery and Posters ~ F.A.M.D.A. Art Group
Wardrobe Mistress ~ Nell Scates
Wardrobe Assistants ~ Mrs Hille, Mrs. W. Gilby
Sound Engineer ~ Jim Porteous
Prompt ~ Phyll Harris
Business Manager ~
Alan Campbell
Booking Managers ~ L. and G. Bailey

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