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Trial By Jury

June 22, 23, 24, 1972

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre

Pearls for the Poor

By Arthur Hessayton
Producer: Lynette Linton

Annie ~ Jean Shergold
Nora ~ Leah Hill
Maud ~ Alvis Eddy
Beattie ~ Lois Low

The Grand Scandal

by Yves Cabrol
Producer: Robert Paragreen

General Claude Larbaud ~ Bruce Lester
Yvonne Larbaud ~ Joan Tarrant
Marshall Hercule Bernardin ~ John Kahsnitz
Marie Boucherat ~ Wendy Symmons
Juliette Courcillon ~ Carole Williams
Anne-Louise Mauriac ~ Cynthia Phelan
Captain George Larbaud ~ Simon Pilkington

Trial By Jury

Gilbert & Sullivan
Producer: Arthur Smallwood
Pianist: Barbara Fleming
Costumes: Nell Scates

The Judge ~ John Fleming
The Plaintiff ~ Elizabeth Hall
The Defendant ~ John Crawford
Counsel for the Plaintiff ~ David Hall
Usher ~ John Kahsnitz
Foreman of the Jury ~ John Tozer
Associate ~ Margaret Hicken

Rod Lomax
Marten Bootsma
Eric Duvoisin
Alan Turner
Reinhard Hildenhagen

Diane Henkel
Bronwyn Cooper
Rhonda Paragreen
Lyn Livingston
June Davies

Public Gallery
Lyn Fellows
Merryn Ellerington
Bev Gatliff
Joan Tarrant
Pat West
Peggy McLeod
Pat Kennedy
Alistair Garrow
Bruce Standfield
Ray Elliot
Halmie Mackieson
Olive Worboys

Stage Manager: Brian Paragreen
Stage Assistants: Michael Tennant, Russell Wood, John Lea
Sound and Lighting: Brian and Robert Paragreen
Assistant: Don Garrow
Front of House: Marg Lester

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