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Cast: Alan Macqueen, David Hall, Halmie Mackieson, Lynette Linton, Margaret Symmons, Marianne Standfield, Sue Hoskin, Maureen Hickin, Elizabeth Hall, Shane Mackieson, Reinhard Hildenhagen, Brian Paragreen, Carole Williams, John Crawford, Cynthia Phelan.


A Melodrama in Three Acts by Paul Loomis

23, 24, 30 November, 1 December 1973

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre



Purity Dean ~ Carole Williams
Our chaste and chased young heroine

Jonathan Logan ~ Halmie Mackieson
Who runs Uland Inn

Emma Logan ~ Lynette Linton
His wife, who runs Jonathan

Leander Longfellow ~ Brian Paragreen
Their young nephew, our manly bosomed hero

Mortimer Frothingham ~ Alan Macqueen
Steeped in villainy, a wolf in any sort of clothing

Jed Lunn ~ Reinhard Hildenhagen
An ex-convict, Mortimer’s unwilling tool

E. C. Pickens ~ John Crawford
Son of the owner of Pickens Pickles

Imogene Pickens ~ Marianne Standfield
His hard-hearted and snobbish sister

Mrs. Ethelinda Hewlitt ~ Margaret Symmons
Who loves to boast of her proud social position

Alison Hewlitt ~ Cynthia Phelan
Her young daughter

Mrs. Faith Hogue ~ Sue Hoskin
A guest at Uland Inn

Letty ~ Maureen Hicken
Her nervous maid

Nellie ~ Elizabeth Hall
A woman of mystery

Guests at Uland Inn ~ Elizabeth Hall, Barbara Fleming,
………………………… Maureen Hicken, David Hall, Shane Mackieson


Produced by Patricia Fleming
Pianists ~ Nellie Scates & Barbara Fleming
Stage Manager ~ John Lea
Lighting ~ Robert Paragreen
~ Jack Giblett & Robert Fleming


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