Salad Days – 1968

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Music by Julian Slade
Book & Lyrics by Dorothy Reynolds & Julian Slade

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre
Wednesday 14, Friday 16 & Saturday 17 August 1968

CAST (in order of appearance)
Tramp ~ Murray Shergold

Jane ~ Jennifer Holland
Timothy ~ John Kahsnitz
Tim’s Mother ~ Lois Low
Tim’s Father ~ Dick Straw
Aunt Prue ~ Betty Dawson
Lady Raeburn ~ Barbara Fleming
Heloise ~ Anne Campbell
Assistant ~ Jan Gilchrist
Manicurist ~ Carole McAinch
P. C. Boot ~ Greg Jansen
Rowena ~ Anne Campbell

Bishop ~ John Gilbert
Troppo ~ Joe Newey
A Butterfly Catcher ~ Dick Straw
An Artist ~ Murray Shergold

A Sunbather ~ Carole McAinch
A Tennis Player ~ Helen Gibbs
Fosdyke ~ John Fleming
Sir Clamsby Williams ~ Allan Mathews
Inspector ~ Dick Straw
Nigel Danvers ~ Bruce Richards
An American ~ Murray Shergold
A Shop Girl ~ Carole McAinch
Two Theatre Goers – Betty Dawson, Ron Morrison
Well Dressed Lady ~ Barbara Fleming
Manager of Night Club ~ John Fleming
Fiona ~ Helen Gibbs
Tom Smith ~ John Gilbert
Waitress ~ Noelene McAinch
Slave ~ Ron Morrison
Arms Dancers ~ Kerrie and Jim Ricchini
Augustine Williams ~ Barry Eling
Asphynxia ~ Jan Gilchrist
Press Men ~ John Fleming, Ron Morrison
Ladies ~ Barbara Fleming, Lois Low, Betty Dawson
Ambrose ~ Jack Giblett
Marguerite ~ Carole McAinch
Anthea ~ Noelene McAinch
Electrode ~ John Gilbert
Uncle Zed ~ Allan Matthews

Dons’ Chorus
Anne Campbell, Carole McAinch, Helen Gibbs, Barbara Fleming, Jan Gilchrist, John Gilbert, Allan Matthews, Ron Morrison, John Fleming, Bruce Richards

Producer /Director ~ Eve Godley
Assistant Producer ~
Barry Eling

Stage Manager ~ John Lea
Stage Assistants ~ Joan Fowler, Robert Fleming, Cor Seuren
Lighting & Sound ~ Brian and Robert Paragreen, Jean Tait
Decor ~ Stage Staff
Choreography ~ Kerrie Ricchini
Wardrobe ~ Nell Scates
Prompt ~ Margaret Symmons & Jessie Davis
Publicity and Front of House Management ~ Jessie Davis
Posters ~ Joe Newey & Robert Paragreen

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