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Salad Days

Director ~ Alan Stone
Musical Director ~ Marion Dewar
Choreographer ~ Alan Stone
Set Design ~ Ann Parry

The Tramp ~ Robert Fleming
Jane ~ Rosalind Colvin
Timothy ~ Martin Oliver
Timothy’s Mother ~ Margaret Taylor
Timothy’s Father ~ John Kahsnitz
Aunt Prue ~ Jennifer Paragreen
Lady Raeburn ~ Dianne Paragreen
Heloise ~ Kylie Sullivan
Assistant ~ Marie Sewell
Manicurist ~ Michelle Clyne
P. C. Boot  ~ Peter Clyne
Rowena ~ Jennifer Paragreen
The bishop ~ Murray Dale
Troppo ~ Alan Stone
Couple in Park ~ Judy Edwards, Max Hastings
Tennis Players ~ Michelle Clyne, Megan Edwards
Blind Man ~ Chris Paragreen
Fosdyke ~ Peter Sanders
Sir Clamsby Williams ~ John Kahsnitz
Inspector ~ Max Hastings
Nigel ~ Michael Sewell
Nightclub Manager ~ John Kahsnitz
Nightclub Patrons ~ Murray Dale, Dianne Paragreen
Fiona ~ Kylie Sullivan
Tom Smith ~ Peter Sanders
Waitress ~ Marie Sewell
Slave ~ Chris Paragreen
Arms Dancers ~ Karin Ellis, Alan Stone
Augustine Williams ~ Max Hastings
Asphynxia ~ Jennifer Paragreen
Pressmen ~ Murray Dale, John Kahsnitz, Peter Sanders
Ladies with Umbrellas ~ Judy Edwards, Dianne Paragreen, Margaret Taylor
Ambrose ~ Max Hastings
Marguerite ~ Marie Sewell
Anthea ~ Dianne Paragreen
Electrode ~ Chris Paragreen
Uncle Zed  ~ Peter Sanders

Dons Chorus
Michelle Clyne, Peter Clyne, Murray Dale, Judy Edwards, Megan Edwards,
Max Hastings,
Chris Paragreen,  Dianne Paragreen, Jennifer Paragreen,
Peter Sanders, Kylie Sullivan

Harem Dancers
Lisa Barham, Karen Butterfield, Diane Green, Susie Green, Donna Lomax,
Rosalba Tumino

Leader ~ Marion Dewar
Piano ~ Marion Dewar
Flute ~ Sue Dower
Clarinet ~ Susie Sanders
Bassoon ~ Arthur Smallwood
Trumpet ~ Rod Lomax

Director ~ Alan Stone
Musical Director ~ Marion Dewar
Choreographer ~ Alan Stone
Set Designer ~ Ann Parry
Rehearsal Pianist ~ Marion Dewar
Orchestral Arrangements ~ Marion Dewar
Stage Manager ~ John Lea
SM’s Assistants ~ Alistair Garrow, Robert Fleming
Properties Manager ~ Bev Allen
Scenic Artists ~ Anne Parry, Bev Allen, Marjory Ruddell,
………………… Margaret Taylor, Betty Williams

Lighting ~ Robert Paragreen
Sound ~ Brian Paragreen
Costumes ~ Audrey Shapka
Costume Assistants ~ Rhonda Bland, Patricia Fleming
Make-Up & Dressers ~ Rhonda Bland, Trish James, Marianne Standfield, Graham Pledge
Hairstyles ~ Anne Garrow
Front of House Manager ~ Elizabeth Hall

Publicity ~ Patricia Fleming
Publicity Assistants ~ Leonie Clyne, Shirley Westaway
Programme Design & Compilation ~ Peter Clyne, Jennifer Paragreen
Photography ~ Peter Clyne
Ticket Secretaries ~ Max & Winifred Downes, Books of the Bush

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  1. Geoff Stokes Says:

    Is this the Alan Stone I knew at Doncaster and Templestowe Musical Society in 1982?

    If so my very best regards and thanks for the happy theatrical memories.

    Cheers! Geoff.

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