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A Pantomime produced by David Baggallay

November 20, 26 & 27 1976
Foster War Memorial Arts Centre

The Flower Fairies & Elves
Back: Simone Fellows, Angela Paragreen, Elizabeth Pledge, Rochelle Green, Fleur Hammet
Centre: Mardi Vincent, Samantha Standfield, Tammy Vincent, Lyn Standfield, Kelly Phelan, Susan Fleming, Elissa Fellows
Front: Donna Lomax, Nathalie Standfield, Amber Phelan, Gabrielle Lowe

Photo: Robert Paragreen

The King of  Palladia – Dr. Robert Fleming
The Queen of  Palladia – Elizabeth Hall
Princess Marigold (their daughter) – Kerrie Baggallay
Lord Chamberlain – Rod Lomax
Mother Broome (the Palace Sweeper) – Jack Giblett
Tilly (the Royal Nurse) – Gay Vincent
Pip & Pop (Royal Pages) – Meredith Fletcher & Kerry Jones
Lilla & Lola – Kerry Corcoran & Carol West
Herald – Alistair Garrow
Prince Florizel – Marianne Standfield
Toni (His Equerry) – Arie Bos
Ancient Villager – David Baggallay
Queen Sunbeam (Queen of the Fairies) – Lyn Fellows
Fairy Rose – Susan Fleming
Fairy May Flower – Rochelle Green
Fairy Snowdrop – Kerry Phelan
Fairy Forget-Me-Not – Samantha Standfield
Fairy Daffodil – Tammy Vincent
Fairy Bluebell – Lyn Standfield
Elf No. 1 – Fleur Hammet
Elf No. 2 – Mardi Vincent
Fairy Ragwort (a Bad Fairy) – Dianne Paragreen
Neddy Ning-Nong (Donkey) – Martin & Gayle Nicoll
Fairy Ballet – Elissa Fellows, Angela Fleming, Angela Paragreen, Amber Phelan, Elizabeth Pledge, Nathalie Standfield
Elves – Donna Lomax, Gabby Lowe, Simone Fellows

Producer – David Baggallay
Pianiste – Mary Clements
Choreography – Lyn Fellows & Marianne Standfield
Stage Manager – Stuart Livingston
Sound Engineer – Brian Paragreen
Lighting Engineer – Robert Paragreen
Lighting Assistants – Bill Atkinson, Phillip Worboys
Wardrobe – Hazel Sims
Prompt – Lorraine Lowe
Make-Up – Cynthia Phelan
Front of House – Patricia Fleming
Advertising – Marg Lester
Programme Design – Arie Bos


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