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A Musical Comedy Version of the Famous Temperance Comedy
by William W. Pratt, Adapted by Fred Carmichael

15 & 16, 22 & 23 June 1979

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre

Romaine ~ John Birrell
Sample Switchel ~ Brendan Hunt
Simon Slade ~ Alan McPherson
Frank Slade ~ Alistair Garrow
Harvey Green ~ John Kahsnitz
Willie Hammond ~ John Fleming
Joe Morgan ~ Halmie Mackieson
Tommy ~
Glenn Smith
Drinkers in Tavern ~
Phil Fowkes, Ray Barham
Mrs. Slade ~
Dianne Paragreen Goldie Hills ~ Judy Lynas
Mrs. Morgan ~
Kerrie Williams Mary Morgan ~ Amanda Hurst
Mehitabel Cartwright ~ Ros Kelly
Mehitabel’s Friends ~ Kate Aitken, Debbie Caldwell, Lynne Kahsnitz
Pianiste ~ Barbara Fleming

Producers ~ Cynthia Phelan and Patricia Fleming
Stage Manager ~ Brian Will
Stage Assistants ~ Alan MacQueen, Andrew Will
Scenery and Properties ~ Brian Will, Julian Cornish, Roli Honigsberg, Robert Fleming
Prompt ~ Olive Worboys
Lighting Engineer ~ Robert Paragreen
Lighting Operators ~
Robert Paragreen, William Atkinson
Audio Technician ~ Brian Paragreen
Wardrobe ~ Chris Jones
Front of House ~ Jennifer Paragreen
Programme ~ Roli Honigsberg
Publicity ~ Jennifer Paragreen
Rehearsal Pianists ~ Barbara Fleming, Elizabeth Hurst

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