The Curse of an Aching Heart

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By Herbert Swayne


The Pianist ~ Verna Anderson

Hiram Abernathy ~ Murray Dale
.         (with a heart of gold, the owner of the “None Such” ranch)

Sarah Abernathy ~ Jean Tiplady
.         (his hardworking and devoted wife)

Aurelia Abernathy ~ Sue Dower
.         (their  attractive and naive daughter)

Battle Axe Annie ~ Keryn Martin
.         (the energetic local sheriff)

Red Wing ~ Michelle Clyne
.         (an Indian Girl employed at the ranch)

Windermere Hightower ~ Peter Clyne
.         (a scheming arch-villain who has had his ears rounded to avoid  resembling a wolf)

Lucius Goodenough ~ David Martin
.         (the manly bosomed hero who always arrives in the nick of time)

Melody Lane ~ Debra Batson
.         (our priceless heroine who will run through your heart like a song)

Nellie Blyth ~ Jennifer Paragreen
.         (an important visitor from nearby Four Corners)

Muriel Atkins ~ Amber Griffiths-Marsh
.         (she covers her real identity)

An unexpected male arrival ~ Malcolm Martin


Director ~ Jennifer Paragreen
Director’s Assistant ~ Glenn Smith
Music Co-Ordinator ~ Margaret Taylor
Stage Manager ~ Bev Allen
Set Construction and Crew ~ Betty Williams, Bev Allen, Ian Armitage, Max Hastings,
John Lea, Margaret Taylor, Eric Williams
Costumes ~ Jenny O’Connell
Make-Up ~ Daniel Ryan, Marg Ryan, Margaret Taylor
Prompt ~ Boo Shackleton
Lighting ~ Robert Paragreen
Sound ~ Brian Paragreen
Front of House ~ Max Hastings
Catering ~ Liz Hall, Dianne Paragreen
Publicity ~ Patricia Fleming, Jennifer Paragreen
Graphics ~ Lucinda Delbridge

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