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A fairy pantomime by Frederick Davis

Musical Selections by Phyll Harris and Don Cunningham
Arrangements by Arthur Smallwood

Foster Mechanics’ Hall

December 1961


(The Queen of the Fairies) ~ Joy Hille
Puck (her ambassador) ~ Julie Dosh
Thebadinus (not so good as she might be) ~ Thelma Boyd
Thegoodinus (not as bad as she could be) ~ Alvis Eling
Old King Cole (King of Melodyland) ~ Bob Carruthers
Princess Tanya (his beautiful daughter) ~ June Davies
Allegro (Master of the King’s Music) ~ Geoff Fleming
Petunia Periwinkle (Charwoman at the Court) ~ Roy Griffiths
Johanne, the Minstrel (her son) ~ John Brown
Nina (Prima Donna of the Court) ~ Roma Medwin
Lord Chamberlain ~ Bruce Monro
The Cat ~ Ethel Smallwood
Prince Frank of Sumatra ~ Peter Clift

The King’s Attendants
Page One ~
Susan Harris
Page Two ~ Deirdre Worboys

The King’s Fiddlers
A String ~ Jarvis Morris
G String ~ Don Laity
E String
~ Graeme Isaacson

Carol Hill, Dawn Schmidt, Kath Jarvis, Diane Boyd, Barbara Boyd, Patricia Cunningham,
Diane Bailey, Janice Ellerington, Helene Morgan, Eleanor Morgan, Sandra Carr,
Len Tosch, John Carmichael


Margaret Tosch, Kaylene Ellerington, Wendy Best, Rosemary Lang, Mary-Lyn Smallwood,
Julie and Maureen Cunningham

Damask Rose Fairies
Robyn Clavarino and Cheryl Ellerington

Piano ~ Mrs. N. Scates
Violins ~ Mrs. E. Smith, R. Cunningham, C. Atkins
Bass ~ D. Yandell
Clarinet ~ J. Eddy
Saxophones ~ D. Harris, G. Eddy, J. Eddy
Flute ~ J. Fleming
Trumpets ~ J. Cameron, J. Hille
Trombone ~ T. Lambert
Percussion ~ T. Atkinson

Rehearsal Pianist ~ Mrs. Scates

Producer ~ Phyll Harris
Musical Director ~ Don Cunningham
Ballet Mistress ~
Phyll Harris
Stage Manager ~ Jack Giblett
Stage Staff ~ Norm Harris, Don Adams, George Palmer, Lex Brumley
Stage Properties ~
Robert Fleming, Norm Harris
Scenery and Posters ~ Lee Kahsnitz, Elma Vinicombe, Gladys Bailey, Joy Hille,
…………  Dulcie Campbell, Barry Eling
Wardrobe ~ Group, headed by Rita Atkins
Prompt ~ Dorothy Shellcot
Lighting ~ Alan Campbell
Sound Engineer ~ Brian Paragreen
Make-Up ~ Pat Fleming, Dorothy Shellcot
Business Manager ~ Alan Campbell
Booking Managers ~ L. and G. Bailey

2 Responses to “The Enchanted Waltz”

  1. paul davis Says:

    Frederick Davis was my father and I would love make contact with someone who could give me access to the musical arrangements for this production of The Enchanted Waltz

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Paul
    FAMDA staged ‘The Enchanted Waltz’ in 1961 and I doubt that the orchestrations will have survived. I shall ask our archivist.

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