The Great Uncertainty

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Devised and written by Patricia Fleming & Jack Giblett

to commemorate the Centenary of Foster (Stockyard Creek)
February 1970
Produced by Eve Godley

Performed at Foster War Memorial Arts Centre
18th, 19th, 20th & 20rdFebruary, 1970


Accompanistes – Barbara Fleming, Eileen Smith
Décor – Betty & Bronwyn Craigie
Stage Manager – Dick Straw
Assistant Stage Manager – Lois Low
Backstage Staff – John Lea, Ron Morrison, Sean Buck
Special Scenery Effects – Robert Fleming, John Fleming
Wardrobe – Nell Scates
Publicity Manager – Murray Shergold
Front of House Manager – Allan Matthews
Lighting & Sound Effects – Brian Paragreen
Lighting & Sound Staff – Don Garrow, Colin Hall, Robert Paragreen
Choreography – Dorothy Cowell, Nell Scates


Foster F.A.M.D.A. gratefully acknowledges the support and assistance given to this production by the following:
Australian Council of the Arts Special Projects Fund for a grant of $100 for preliminary production costs.
Barry Collett for access to his manuscript of the History of the District.
Australian Broadcasting Commission for the recorded voice of Sir Robert Menzies, Kt. O.M., Q.C.
Foster District High School for provision of facilities.
Victorian State Film Centre for the film, “Bush Ballads”.
Various Government Departments for information supplied.
Patricia West for designing the front cover of the programme.
South Gippsland Publishing Co. for use of material from “The Mirror”, “The Echo” and “The Ensign”.
And the people, too numerous to name, who have given unstinted support.

In the Beginning
On the Banks of Stockyard Creek

Scene 1:  On a sunny day early 1870
Scene 2:  Evening one week later
Scene 3:  Next morning
The voice of William Foster – Lloyd Cunningham

Cast in order of appearance

Griffith Griffith – Bruce Richards
Daniel Graham – Arthur Smallwood
John Northey – Dick Bradley
James Palmer – John Gilbert
Alfred Sparkes – John Kahsnitz
John Amey – Doug Davis
John Richards – Stephen Craigie

 ACT 2
And then the Rush
Scene: Bridge Street in the early days

The Green New Chum – Jack Giblett

Tom – Geoff Corcoran
Bill – Reinhard Hildenhagen
Scotty – Reg Dowey
Griffith – Bruce Richards
Joe – Halmie Mackieson
Sparkes – John Kahsnitz
Charlie – John Gilbert
Northey – Dick Bradley

“Crooked Ballet”
Scotty – Reg Dowey

Lottie – Julie Poletto
Bill – Reinhard Hildenhagen
Woman – Margaret Symmons
Joe – Halmie Mackieson
Griffith – Bruce Richards
Amey – Doug Davis
Sparkes – John Kahsnitz
Charlie – John Gilbert

George Winchester – Gordon Atkin

Jane Winchester – Lyn Linton
Lizzie – Julie Riley
Northey – Dick Bradley
Winchester Children – Kealy Smallwood, Wendy Jervies, Alan Symmons and Baby
Dick – Phillip Jones
Mrs Ingram – Jessie Davis
Boy – Alec Mason
Mrs Griffith – Julie Poletto
Mr. Barry – Halmie Mackieson
School Children – Misses Betty Dawson, Joanne Clavarino, Laurel Gulley, Kealy Smallwood
Masters Peter and Garry Davis, Andrew Allan, Greg Green, Brian Sinclair, Michael West  


Onward Through The Century

Old Father Time – Betty Dawson

“Victoria Regina”

Master of Ceremonies – Keith Chapple
Shire President Yeomans – Reg Dowey
Mrs Yeomans – Christine Charlton
1st Voice – Reinhard Hildenhagen
2nd Voice – Junior Best
3rd Voice – Halmie Mackieson
The Dancers – Mesdames J. Davis, L. Linton, J. Miles, C. Charlton
Messrs D. Davis, R. Dowey, M. Miles, J. Berry
The Fire Fighters – Stephen Craigie, John Gilbert

“1914 – 1918”

News Reader – Peter Croft
Mrs. Witton – June Davies
Jack – Arthur Smallwood
Casualty – Gordon Atkin
Bill – Bruce Aitkin
Padre – Keith Chapple

“The Roaring Twenties and . . .  ”

Dancers – Merryn Ellerington, Robyn McCallion, Judy Barnfield, Jan Morgan, Dianne Gatliff, Melinda Dunstan, Jenny Gilbert, Lauris Gilbert, Kerry Gilbert
Susso Men – Maurie Miles, Jim Berry, Doug Davis, Phillip Jones

“1939 – 1945”

Young Woman – Christine Charlton
Joe – Peter Croft
Harry – Ken McGrath
Les – Keith Chapple
1st Digger – Alan Turner
2nd Digger – Eric Duvoisin
3rd Digger – Junior Best
4th Digger – Ernie White
Vera Lynn – Melinda Dunstan
Passer-by – Bruce Atkin
Man – Jim Barry


Man – John Gilbert
Boy – Geoff Corcoran
Girl – Jan Dawson
Dancers – Melinda Dunstan, Judy Barnfield, Jan Dawson, Julie Riley, Peter Croft, Ken McGrath, Phillip Jones, Geoff Corcoran
Three Sparkes Children – Bronwyn, Kerry and Stephen Sparkes
Alf Sparkes – John Kahsnitz
1st Man – Keith Chapple
2nd Man – Ernie White
3rd Man – Eric Duvoisin


Folk Singers – Barbara Fleming, Stephen Craigie, Reg Dowey
Mod Dancers – Lasses and Lads of the Cast



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