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Chez Roger, Matt Hillman (Max Baillystock), Drew Downing (Carmen Ghia), Wayne Moloney (Roger De Bris) and Murray Maclean (Leo Bloom)

26 October – 10 November 2007

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre

Director – Neil Goodwin
Musical Directors – Colin Chandler / Pamela Coad
Choreographer – Lisa Pellin
Set Designer – Geoff DaveyThe Producers
Costume Designers- Anda Banikos, Abigail Van Rooyen
Lighting Design – Matt Saario
Sound Design – Brian Paragreen

Max Bialystock – Matt Hillman
Leo Bloom – Murray Maclean
Ulla – Kate Williams
Franz Liebkind – John Black
Roger DeBris – Wayne Moloney
Carmen Ghia – Drew Downing

Roger’s Team:
Bryan – John Laurie
Kevin – Peter Bell
Scott – Antony Norden
Shirley Markowitz – Genevieve Moore
Hold Me-Touch Me – Kerrie Giles
Lick Me-Bite Me – Lee-Anne Mitchell
Kiss Me-Feel Me – Rhonda Bland
Storm Trooper – Peter Bell

Katelyn Ardley, Zoi Banikos, Peter Bell, Arie Bos, Louise Clarke, Elyse Cripps, Dianne Frey Andrew Jamieson, Amy Kindellan, Grace Kindellan, Hailey Rodwell, Joanne Russell, Amy Smith, Jon Wathen, Norm Willoughby.

Susannah Babos, Rhiarna Ball, Tamika Ball, Monique Goss, Sophie Maxwell, Ellaine Parnall, Matilda Patterson.

Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Nominations
Gladys Moncrieff Award for first performance in a featured role – Wayne Moloney
as Roger De Bris

Design Award – Rick Pendry / Anda Banikos, Roger De Bris costume

Gippsland Associated Theatre Awards
Most Outstanding Lead Actor – Male
–  Matt  Hillman, Max Bialystock
Most Outstanding Lead Actor – Female – Kate Williams, Ulla
Most Outstanding Lead Actor – Male – John Black, Franz Liebkind

Photographer Yianni Banikos

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