The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew

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Storyteller:  Emmett Ahern
Duke:  Maddison Hemphill
Sir Digby Vayne Thumpington:  Rebecca Iser
Sir Graceless Strongbody:  Anne Tiplady
Sir Percival Smoothely-Smooth:  Emily Frost
Sir Oblong Fitz Oblong:  Darcy Murphy
Juniper:  Tim Morcom
First Knight:  Edwina Lorbach
Captain:  Sarah Bacon
Jasper, 15th Baron Bolligrew:  BJ Angwin
Squire Blackheart:  Tim Shea
First Man-At-Arms:  Ashley Clymo
Second Man-At-Arms:  Daniel Clymo
Lord Mayor:  Angela Fife
Obidiah:  Stephen Dower
1st Peasant:  Tennielle Hilder
2nd Peasant:  Lisa Smith
3rd Peasant:  Sarah Need
4th Peasant:  Hannah Stallard
5th Peasant:  Cassi Aitken
Mike Magpie:  Mel Weston
Secretary / Peasant:  Emily Ardley
Dr Moloch:  Kate Williams
Mazeppa:   Jessica Tabone
The Dragon:  Liam Ahern
Corporal / Peasant:  Xavier Plummer
Trumpeter / Peasant:  Paul Ryan

Lighting:   Robert Paragreen        Crew:   Belinda Williams   Jamie Williams

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