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A play adapted by A. A. Milne from
Kenneth Graham’s “The Wind in the Willows”

Wednesday 7, Friday 9 & Saturday 10 March 1973

Foster Arts Centre

Marigold ~ Ellen Mueller
Nurse ~ Jessie Davis
Mole ~ Dick Straw
Water Rat ~ Robert Paragreen
Mr. Badger ~ Ray Elliot
Toad ~ John Kahsnitz
Alfred ~ Alistair Garrow
Back legs of Alfred ~ Shane Mackieson
Chief Ferret ~ Barry Haywood
Chief Weasel ~ Eric Duvoisin
Chief Stoat ~ Alan Turner
First Field Mouse ~ Helen Mackieson
Second Field Mouse ~ David Mackieson
Policeman ~ Reinhard Hildenhagen
Gaoler ~ Halmie Mackieson
Usher ~ Christopher Trotter
Judge ~ Douglas Davis
Turkey ~ Carol Harry
Duck ~ Jane Collyer
Phoebe ~ Lee Trenery
Washerwoman ~ Cynthia Phelan
The White Rabbit ~ Lyn Fellows
Mama Rabbit ~ Carol Harry
Lucy Rabbit ~ Jenny van der Burgh
Harold Rabbit ~ Karen Pieper
Bargewoman ~ Sharon Mackieson
Rabbits ~ Ruth Low, Karen Pieper, Jenny van der Burgh
Squirrels ~ Glen Phelan, Anne van der Burgh
Junior Ballet ~ Sharon Roylance, Tracey Haines, Gail Anne Sullivan, Penelope Robins, Jennifer Robins, Lynne Kahsnitz, Kelly Phelan, Linda Rochforte

Arthur Smallwood conducting the South Gippsland Orchestra

Producer ~ Dennis Copeland
Stage Manager ~ John Lea
Assistant Stage Manager ~ Bruce Straw
Prompt ~ Lois Low
Lighting & Sound ~ Brian and Robert Paragreen
Assistants ~ Russell Wood, Don Garrow
Set Construction ~ Dr. Fleming, Brian Will
Props ~ John Lea
Wardrobe ~ Iva Young, Lyn Fellows & Helpers
Make-Up ~ Lee Kahsnitz, Jan Shuwalow
Choreography ~ Lyn Fellows
Front of House ~ Gwen Robins

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