The Web – launch

The Web is a fascinating exploration of isolation, friendship and what happens when social experiments go frighteningly wrong.
Set in a rural Australian town, the play explores the dangerous undercurrent of Internet technology and how new communication tools impact upon people and their personal lives. Lies are exposed and family secrets forced out in the open as manipulation, confusion, fear and prejudice grip and invade a sleepy outback community.

There are roles for teenagers as well as adults.
Adult roles are for a woman aged 35 and a male 40+.
Teenage roles include playing the three key protagonists in the story.
The director, Sue Lindsay, is looking also for additional mime actors / dancers to enhance the mood of the play.

Auditions are being held by appointment on  February 15 & 18.
Interested actors are asked to contact Sue Lindsay via to book an audition time.

There will be an information session, auditions and a read-through of the play at 4pm next Sunday, February 18, in the Foster War Memorial Arts Centre.

Anyone interested in being involved on stage, in working behind the scenes or perhaps just wanting to know more is also invited to attend this session.

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