Characters – ‘Strangers on a Train’

Cast of 7 required – 5m & 2f

Guy (30s to mid-40s) Lead
Bruno (late 20s to late 30s) Lead
Elise (50s to 70s)
Gerard (late 40s to 60s)
Anne (late 30s to 40s)
Meyers (mid 30s to 50’s)
Treacher (30s to mid-40s)

Guy (30s to mid-40s).
A thinker, an observer. His current situation has made him become quite serious; crest fallen. Separated 3 years from his wife with whom he had a difficult relationship. He is now in love with another woman and hoping to marry her. His career as an architect is challenging. He has a lot of uncertainty in his life and is struggling to navigate through this.

Bruno (late 20s to late 30s).
This role will require a physical adjustment (able to play drunk). Bruno comes from money. He is a thinker, philosophical. He has changeable emotions. He is put out by the expectations of his father, to work and not just get money given to him. His relationship with his mother is juvenile/immature. He develops obsessive behaviour towards Guy.

Elise (50s to 70s).
Comes from old money. She is high society. Like her son, Bruno; enjoys life and spending money. She can be vague but doesn’t suffer fools, bar her son; for now…

Gerard (late 40s to 60s).
Gerard works for Bruno’s father. He is an ex-policeman/investigator. He is clever. He is observant and while he may seem quiet, he knows what is what and won’t stop till he gets to the bottom of things.

Anne (late 30s to 40s).
Comes from money. Anne is quietly confident. She loves Guy. While she knows what she wants and likes, she is sociable and accommodating. Anne isn’t sure of Guy’s friendship with Bruno.

Meyers (mid 30s to 50’s).
Confident and good at his job. He is an architect. Has a good sense of humour. He has charm and loves to enjoy life.

Treacher (30s to mid-40s).
Guy’s friend from college. He is hard working. Always looking out for Guy.