A Criss-Cross Christmas

Bonnie – Christine Skicko
Ed / Nundermann- Doug Stark
Dale Love / Phyllis Blacker – Crystal Libreri
Joe Love / Betty Love – Tayla Gane
Lonnie Love / Magic Folk – Luke Dearlove
Grandma Windsor/ Magic Folk – Margaret Haycroft
Wally Blacker / Nanna Love / Geoff Blacker – Chris Dickins
Goose Blacker / Magic Folk – Shara Smith
Ellen / Magic Folk – Zarni Holt

Director – Chris Dickins
Stage Manager – David Dearricott
Production Manager – Peter Clyne
Scenic Designers – Kim McDonald & Chris Dickins
Scenic Painters – Kim McDonald & Peter Lorkin
Set Building – David Dearricott
Props/ Costumes – Christine Skicko & Margaret Haycroft
Backstage Assistants – Margaret Rudge & Cheryl Brennan
Lighting Design and Operation ~ Garry Boast
Sound and Music Operation – Peter Clyne & Brendan Ryan
Video – Robert Paragreen
Original Music and Poster – Chris Dickins
Front of House Manager – Sue Dower
Publicity – Jennifer Paragreen
Production Photography – Yianni Banikos
Programme Photography – Chris Dickins
Programme ~ Jennifer Paragreen
Foyer display – Edwin Coad & Robert Paragreen
Ushers – The Cast
Assistance with Set – Luke Dearlove
Assistance with Direction- Christine Skicko
Assistance with Costume – Judy Barnard

This charming Christmas comedy was created by local writer, Chris Dickins, for Nautilus Theatre Project as pre-Christmas family entertainment.

Set in suburban Melbourne in December 1956. the play was designed to appeal to all ages. Those with childhood memories of the Olympic Games in Melbourne and television’s arrival could bask in the nostalgia, children could be caught up in the magical aspects of the story and those in between could enjoy the antics of the vivid characters and sympathise with the dilemmas they face.

The story concerned young suburban families, some of them long time residents and their new neighbours recently arrived from overseas.