HEATHERS The Musical

FAMDA’s plans to stage this darkly delicious  musical comedy in July – August 2020 have been postponed.
Auditions  cancelled at this stage.

The story revolves around three school girls, all called Heather, who rule the roost at their local high school determining who is hot who’s not and making life a misery for anyone not in their team. Into this bull pit comes a new girl, Veronica, a brainy, beautiful teenage misfit who hustles her way into the powerful and ruthless clique but then falls in love with a dangerously sexy newcomer.

It is a high-energy black comedy that opens conversations about dark issues including bullying, teen suicide, sexual assault & violence in schools.

FAMDA is seeking actors / singers / dancers to grace the stage and also people willing to lend their enthusiasm and expertise by working behind the scenes to bring this show to life.

The show has a really catchy SOUNDTRACK.

Check out the story SYNOPSIS and discuss it with your family and friends.


There are seventeen named roles.
Veronica Sawyer (Playing Age: 17)
• Righteous, opinionated, strong willed, we follow her journey throughout the show. She wants the best of both worlds, to be ‘popular’ and kind at the same time. Strong and independent but also easily falls victim to teenage hormones and the idea of love.
• Vocal ability: Strong belt to at least an A flat.

Jason “J.D” Dean (Playing Age: 17)
• The classic ‘bad boy’ on the surface; charming and charismatic, but very damaged on the inside which leads him down a dark path.
• Vocal Ability: Confident, belt to at least an A flat.

Heather Chandler (Playing Age: 17)
• The most beautiful, most popular, and most vicious girl in High School. She is the Queen of Westerberg High, the epitome of a ‘mean girl’ holds all the power and relishes in others misery.
• Vocal Ability: Strong belt to F or higher preferred

Heather McNamara (Playing Age: 17)
• Beautiful, innocent and incredibly naïve. Is only cruel when Heather Chandler demands it, ultimately, under it all she is afraid of being herself.
• Vocal Ability: Strong belt to D flat, D preferred.

Heather Duke (Playing Age: 17)
• The wannabe Alpha of the Heathers. Plays along with Heather Chandler but ultimately would love to be in charge. Quite a dynamic, dangerous, strong female who desires power so desperately it’s concerning.
• Vocal Ability: Strong belt to a C, D preferred.

Martha Dunnstock (Playing Age: 17)
• The opposite of the ‘cool girl’, nicknamed “Martha Dumptruck” She is the epitome of a beautiful and kind soul. Veronica’s best friend, is a constant optimist, even in the face of bullying and ridicule.
• Vocal Ability: Strong belt to E or F dynamic vocal expression required

Ram Sweeney (Playing Age: 17)
• Classic dumb football jock. Insensitive to others and follows teen impulses with little to no regard for how it will affect others.
• Vocal Ability: Baritone, good rhythmic timing required

Kurt Kelly (Playing Age: 17)
• Playing Age: 17
• Quarterback and captain of the Westerberg High football team. Every teenager girl’s ‘dream guy’ chiseled, entitled, cocky.
• Vocal Ability: Tenor, strong belt to A preferred good Rhythmic timing required

Mrs Fleming (Playing Age: 40)
• Hippie teacher who is a big fan of the age of Aquarius. A genuinely caring teacher who will always protect the underdog
• Vocal Ability: Great Belt up to C

Ram’s Dad (Playing Age: 40)
• Former football player turned suburban dad, has never outgrown his high school glory days.
• Vocal Ability: Tenor power belt to A

Kurt’s Dad (Playing Age: 40)
• Very conservative, also used to be a football player. Simple guy who is very straight laced and not overly intelligent.
• Vocal Ability: Tenor power belt to a C

Big Bud Dean (Playing Age: 40)
• J.D’s single dad, deeply disturbed but with a jolly outward demeanor.

Coach Ripper (Playing Age: 40)
• A classic man’s man, quick to defend his players.

Veronica’s Dad (Playing Age: 40)
• Easy going, distant.

Veronica’s Mom (Playing Age: 40)
• Easygoing, distant, but able to really lay down the law when necessary.

Principal Gowan (Playing Age: 40)
• Burnt out, over it, really hates conflict

• We will also be casting a small ensemble who will play various roles throughout the show. Strong vocal ability and movement required.
• Please note that we may be combining minor roles, and that if cast in ensemble you could be required to play multiple roles throughout the show.