FAMDA Frolics


  1. Overture – Selections from The Mikado
    FAMDA Orchestra
  2. Opening Chorus
    Orchestra and Full Company
  3. In a Persian Market
    Orchestra and, in order of Appearance:
    Beggars – Carruthers and N. Conn
    Snake Charmer – J. Giblett
    Stallkeeper – R. Stowell
    Arabs – V. Roney and T. Burns
    Princess – Alison Roussac
    Slaves – H. Davis and Dan Ranyard
    Dancing Girls – Jennifer Smith, Dorothy McPherson, Barbara Biggs and Dawn Bailey
    Caliphs – D. Davis
  4. Ada and Elsie – Comedy Duo
  5. Choral Items – Emperor Waltz and Schubert’s Lullaby
    FAMDA Choir
  6. FAMDA Commercial TV Company presents:
    Up Girls, and At ‘Em (from the Scout Gang Show 1954), Vocal – R. Roney and T. Burns
    The Swan, Saxophone Solo – C. Gotch
    Bells Across the Meadow, Whistling Solo – Mrs. A McGregor, with Orchestra
    Walking My Baby Back Home, Vocal – H. Davis
    Serenading with Tschaikowsky, Violin Solo – R. Cunningham
    Demonstrator – R. Stowell
    Announcer R. Fleming
    Cameraman – D. Ranyard
  7. Deep is the Night, Vocal Duet – Mrs. C. Gotch and Mrs. C. Smith
  8. The Warming Pan
    Scene – Boom’s Living Room
    Kate Boom – Jennifer Smith
    Boom – R. Carruthers
    Raggett – D. Davis
    Dick Tarrell – V. Roney

– Interval –

  1. Orchestral Request Item – Down South
  2. Art For Art’s Sake
    Scene – Amanda’s Private Den
    Valerie – Dorothy McPherson
    Chubb – Mrs. R. Fleming
    Amanda – Mrs G. Sloane
    Mr. Carver – T. Burns
  3. The Happy Wanderer
    Augmented Choral Group with Orchestra
  4. Fairest Evening
    Choral Group
  5. Mario Netta and his Puppets
  6. Scherzo In Two Flats
    Scene – Corridor in a Block of Flats
    Dorothy Nestor – Mrs. G. Sloane
    Aunt Agatha – Mrs. D. Davis
    Mortimer Smith – Mr. H. Davis
  7. Orchestral Item – Memories of Lehar
    FAMDA Orchestra
  8. The Dear Departed
    Scene – The Slaters’ Living Room
    Slater – Mrs. L. Bailey
    Mrs. Jordan – Mrs. C. Gotch
    Victoria Slater – Alison Roussac
    Henry Slater – J. Giblett
    Ben Jordan – D. Ranyard
    Abel Merryweather – R. Fleming (or T. Burns)
  9. Finale – Full Company – FAMDA Orchestra – Musical Selections

Members of the FAMDA Orchestra
Mrs. C.G. Smith (Piano); Miss A. Wood, C. Atkins, R. Atkins, H. Isakson and R. Carruthers (Violin); C. Gotch (Saxophone); A. McGregor (Clarinet).

Members of the FAMDA Choral Group
Mesdames Bailey, Rome, Sommerville, Steele, Gotch, Byrnes, Bird, Davis, Davies, Neilson, Gordon and Miss Valma Davis.
Conductress – Miss F. Urquhart.
Accompanist – Mrs. C.G. Smith.

Vocal and Instrumental Item Accompanists
Mrs. R. Cunningham and Mrs C.G. Smith.

Foster Films, Art, Music, Drama Association hope you have enjoyed our show.  All participants are members of FAMDA. We invite you to join.
Our activities include a Drama Group, Discussion Group, Record Group, Choral Group and Orchestral Group.  We are also the official local C.A.E. sponsors.

The Annual Subscription for all or any of these activities is 5/-.

Those wishing to join, please contact the Secretary (Foster 166) or President (Foster 5), or any member.

Finale – To the tune of Men of Harlech

Foster FAMDA says goodnight now,
Time has come to dim the lights now,
We must vanish from your sight now,
And go home again.
With orchestra and dancing,
And ballet girls romancing,
The Choir too has sung for you,
The songs you found entrancing,
Plays and sketches in full measure,
We have given for your pleasure,
So, with memories you’ll treasure,
We must say goodnight.