Foster Frolics

  1. Overture –  Liberty Bell
    FAMDA Orchestra
  1. Ragwort Rendezvous
    Scene: Opening Night of the Nightclub
    Can-Can Girls – Mrs. Traill, Misses D. Bailey, A. Roussac, D. McPherson
    Gendames – T. Burns and V. A. Roney
    Hildegarde – Mrs. Gotch
    A Roving Romany – R. Cunninham
    Frankie Laine – H. Davis
    Rosemary Cluny – Alison Roussac
    Accompanist – Mrs. Cunningham
    Compere – Dr. R. Fleming
  1. Orchestral Item – Wine Women and Song
  1. Master and Man
    Scene: The Library in the Castle
    The Maid – Mrs. Fleming
    The Butler – Dr. R. Fleming
    The Lawyer – R. Carruthers
    The Duke – C. I. Gazzard
  1. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
    Varon – V. A. Roney
    The Girl Friend – Mrs. Traill
  1. Choral Items – The Merry Minstrels, Bless This House
    FAMDA Choral Group
  1. Intermezzo – Gondoliers Selection
  1. The Sad Affair in Mangel Street
    Scene: Mrs. Todges’ Haberdashery Shop
    Mrs. Todgers – Mrs. Fleming
    Mrs. Noseworthy – Mrs.  Gazzard
    Mrs. Ogboddy – Matron Nielson
    Winnie – Mrs. Bailey
    Miss Meakin – Mrs. Gotch
    The Apparition – Mrs. Carruthers
  1. Vocal Duet – Mrs. Gotch and Mrs. Smith
  1. Snaps
    He – V. A. Roney
    She – Mrs. Traill
  1. Noble Nancy
    Lord Dopesteed – C. I. Gazzard
    Jerry the Jockey – H. Davis
    Nancy – Mrs. Bailey
  1. The New Mayor of Cowslipland
    Scene: The Mayor’s Parlour
    Town Clerk – T. Burns
    Mayor – V. A. Roney
    First Ratepayer – L. Traill
    Second Ratepayer – D. Cunningham
    Third Ratepayer – R. Carruthers
  1. FINALE – Full Company
    FAMDA Orchestra – March Selections

Members of the FAMDA Orchestra
Violins – Sister Wood, H. Atkins, R. Atkins, H. Isakson, R. Cunningham
Saxophone – C. Gotch
Clarinet – A. McGregor
Piano – Mrs. C. Smith

Members of the FAMDA Choral Group
Mesdames Smith, Bailey, Rome, Gazzard, G. Snell, Sommerville, Michie, Byrnes, Gotch, Davis and Miss A. Roussac