Enter your play

We follow the general guidelines suggested by the Victorian Drama League.

Closing date for entries is Monday 26 July 2021.

  • Running time per production: Adult plays ideally 20 – 45 minutes [15 minimum, 55 maximum]
    Youth plays 10 – 20 minutes [30 max]
  • Minimum number of characters per play: 2
  • ‘Bump in’ time: 10 minutes, ‘bump out’ time: 5 minutes
  • Royalties to be paid by the participants
  • Youth is defined as: under 21 years of age as of the first day of the festival
  • Playwright’s prize: for a play by an Australian resident and first performed in 2019
  • You must use a separate form for each entry
  • Each entry must include two hard copies of the script by post OR one hard copy by post and one emailed copy, as well as information about the play, the cast and the company (for inclusion in the program)
  • Entry fees: adult plays: $50, youth plays: $20
  • Companies are permitted to enter more than one play but the committee reserves the right to limit the number of plays if necessary

Please note your application is not a confirmation of acceptance. You will be notified by 3 August if your play has been included in the festival program. Your entry fee will be refunded in the event that your play is not scheduled in the festival.

Thanks to generous funding from our local Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank

Bruce Crowl Award – Most Outstanding Production: $1000 plus a trophy
Runner-up Most Outstanding Production: $200
Most Outstanding Director: $200 plus a trophy
Most Outstanding Male Actor: $200 plus a trophy
Most Outstanding Female Actor: $200 plus a trophy
Most Outstanding Support Actor (Male): $100 plus a trophy
Most Outstanding Support Actor (Female): $100 plus a trophy
Design Award: $100 plus a trophy
Adjudicator’s Award: $100 plus a trophy
Playwright’s Award (Australian writer, first performed 2019): $100

In addition, the Victorian Drama League provides a $50 Theatrecraft Youth Unlimited Award for participants aged 21 and under.

Young Players Festival Prizes
Llew Vale Award – Most Outstanding Production: $200 plus a trophy
Outstanding Achievement: 5 awards of $50 each
Adjudicator’s Choice Award: $50

Company to be at the theatre 1 hour before performance time.
Bump in time 10 minutes maximum, bump out 5 minutes maximum.

Parking in front and behind theatre.   
There are 2 dressing rooms.
We provide a full set of blacks, a manual light dimmer and good, though limited, stage lighting.
A CD player is plugged into the front of house speakers.  A microphone and amplifier are also available.
We have found that MP3 files loaded into an iPhone (or similar) have worked well for companies. You can however, also use MP3 files loaded onto an USB stick.
Whatever method you use, it is best to provide your own laptop and operator to avoid technical surprises. It is also recommended to test your “sound effects” and familiarise yourself with the venue’s system prior to wanting it to work during the performance.
Standard chairs, a table and carpet square are available with notification before the festival.
A stage plan can be emailed out if requested
All companies must provide a Stage Manager.
Friendly FAMDA members are available backstage to help things run smoothly, but if our help is needed we would like advance notice and expect to work at the direction of the company.