‘Fiddler’ Nostalgia Night

A wonderful evening of shared reminiscence.

It’s nearly 25 years since FAMDA’s much admired staging of the musical Fiddler on the Roof.
In August 1993 under the imaginative, inventive and inspirational guidance of director and choreographer, Neil Goodwin, FAMDA’s Fiddler was launched at the Foster War Memorial Arts Centre.
Much of the action took place on the auditorium floor which gave the show a remarkable intimacy and impact fondly remembered to this day by those fortunate enough to view this stunning show.
Sue Arney was the musical director with a cast headed by John Watson as Tevye and Marianne Standfield as his wife, Golde.
Joanne Moloney, Judy Barnard and Marieke Smith played their eldest daughters with Max Hastings, Steve Crichton and Tony Bacon as their suitors.
Also among the cast were Dianne Paragreen as Yente, the matchmaker, and John Davies as Lazar Wolf, the butcher, with Kate Aitken as his ghostly wife.
Jog your memory by checking out the complete list of Fiddler on the Roof cast, orchestra and crew.

Anyone with memories of this wonderful production is invited to to reminisce and reconnect at a Nostalgia Night hosted by Robert and Dianne Paragreen at 38 Devlin Street, Foster starting from 7.30 on Friday 18th May.
FAMDA is looking particularly for those who appeared on stage, worked backstage or front of house, built and painted sets, constructed costumes, or performed any of the myriad tasks involved in staging a show along with those who remember sitting spellbound in the audience.
During the evening some recording of peoples’ memories of that wonderful show might take place. This will assist the committee to showcase Fiddler at FAMDA’s 65th Anniversary celebrations to be held on 27th October 2018.
Please bring a contribution to a shared supper along with your recollections of this astonishing production.

For more details and to indicate your intention to come to the reunion, please contact Dianne Paragreen via raphoto@dcsi.net.au or 0407 883 600.

Fiddler on the Roof Cast & Crew list