Committee & Life Members

Committee 2021 – 2022
President – Noel Stringer
Vice President – Dianne Paragreen
Treasurer – Andrew Oldroyd
Secretary – Judy Barnard
Kimberley White (Assistant Secretary)
Yianni Banikos
Adrian Darakai
Pixie Jones
Chris Pappas
Jennifer Paragreen
Margaret Rudge
Tina Snell

We thank retiring committee members, Tania Pell, Dianne Berryman, Michael Hogan and Mark Avery for their past service and look forward to their continued interest and involvement in FAMDA activities.

Life Members
1990 – Pattie Fleming; Robert Fleming
1992 – Arthur Smallwood; Ethel Smallwood
1993 – Barbara Fleming; Jack Giblett;
Brian Paragreen; Robert Paragreen
1999 – John Kahsnitz
2001 – Verna Anderson; Dick Straw
2003 – Dianne Paragreen; Jennifer Paragreen
2007 – Paddy Broberg; Bruce Crowl; Max Hastings
2008 – Geoff Davey
2013 – Arie Bos; Peter Clyne; Kate Crowl; Norm Willoughby
2017 – Judy Barnard; Edwin Coad