Is a person still isolated if their friends are make-believe?

A whodunnit for the modern age, The Web is a fascinating exploration of isolation, friendship, and what happens when social experiments go frighteningly wrong.

Fred is a 16-year-old living on a farm without stock or crops in an Australian country town.
Travis, the charismatic head boy at their school, begins to take an interest in him and Fred is lured into the intricate world of The Web, where nothing, and nobody, is what they seem.

Travis is headstrong and confident, with the world at his feet.
Fred is shy, isolated and dealing with the death of his father.
When Travis takes Fred under his wing to help him with a social studies assignment, it triggers an intriguing chain of events that ends in a vicious attack.
As the police investigate, it becomes clear that nothing is straightforward in the collision between the virtual and real worlds of the teenage imagination.

Set in a rural Australian town, where rumours are spread as swiftly as the sun, drought can destroy a farmer’s crop and isolation is magnified due to the harshness of country life, the play explores the dangerous undercurrent of Internet technology which is ever-present in today’s society, and how new communication tools impact upon people and their personal lives.

Want to be part of this exciting production?
On stage? Behind the scenes?

FAMDA, and the play’s director, Sue Lindsay are keen to have young people involved either as actors or being mentored in backstage roles, lighting, stage management, hair and make-up, set construction, whatever your interest.

Fred 16
Travis 16
Susan 16
Ivy 35
Police man Tukovsky 40+
4-6 Mine actors/dancers

Sue plans to take a flexible approach to casting and auditions.

2 x Men under 30 to play teenage boys
1 x Man 40+ to play a police officer
1 x Woman 30+ to play the mother of one of the boys
1 x Woman under 25 to play a teenage girl
4-6 actors or dancers M or F (any age) as the non-speaking chorus

If you are interested in playing a role in FAMDA’s production of The Web you must
contact the director, Sue Lindsay via

Auditions are being held by arrangement 8 – 13 February or by negotiation.
Sue will organise a suitable audition time for you and send you script extracts to look at beforehand.

You can read the whole script for free by signing up for a free one-week trial subscription at

After signing up, go to the Find a Play menu and search for Kate Mulvany. You will be able to preview the full script once only, for up to five hours, so  you will need to read it in one sitting.