A Christmas Cracker

7 – 9 December 2000

Villa for Sale by Sacha Guitry
Directed by – Max Hastings
Gaston – Max Hastings
Jeanne – Meralyn Stewart
Juliette – Dianne Paragreen
Mrs. Al Smith – Judy Barnard
A Maid – Amanda Richter

Cabaret Items
Jean Bass – poetry by Pam Ayres
Sharon Monk – A Gypsy Medley
Bruce Crowl – The Common Man
Fran Allott – Summertime and Try to Remember
Jean Bass – poetry by Pam Ayres
Steve Horton – performance poet
Judy Barnard – As Long As He Needs Me
Jean Bass – poetry by Pam Ayres

Dinner for One by Herbert Lerche
Directed by – Kate Crowl
Miss Sophie – Marina Sparkes
James the Butler – Bruce Crowl

The Blue Notes – Traditional Jazz Music
Eric Envy – Drums
John Smallman – Saxophone/Clarinet
Rod Lomax – Trombone
David Allsop – Double Bass
Dave Berry – Banjo/Guitar

Production Co-ordinator – Judy Barnard
M.C. – Dianne Paragreen
Pianist – Paddy Broberg
Lighting – Robert Paragreen, Michael Paragreen
Sets – Bruce Crowl, Max Hastings
Stage Manager – Alan McPherson
Publicity and Programme – Jennifer Paragreen