Blue Remembered Hills

FAMDA proudly presented the groundbreaking Blue Remembered Hills, written by Dennis Potter (best known for Pennies From Heaven and The Singing Detective) as a television play which first screened on BBC TV in 1979, and starred Helen Mirren.

FAMDA had a stellar cast for this show, talented adults who take on the roles of seven-year-old children playing in the Forest of Dean one summer afternoon in 1943, when Britain was in the depths of World War II.

Loaded with laughs, but with a sting in the tale, this play was staged to invade hearts – and minds!

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre
16 – 24 May 2008

Willie – Murray Maclean
Peter – Bruce Grainger
John – John Watson
Raymond – James McIntyre
Angela – Louise Harfield
Audrey – Margaret Rudge
Donald – Max Hastings

Director – Max Hastings
Original Music – Rob Ellis
Set Design – Geoff Davey
Lighting Design – Andrew Oldroyd
Sound Design – Rob Ellis
Costumes – Anda Banikos, Abigail Van Rooyen
Construction Manager – Bruce Crowl
Settings Construction Team – Arie Bos, Bert Fabel, Max Hastings, Larry Giddy, Ted Hutton, Ross McKenzie, Alan McPherson, Phil Nightingall, Barbara Partridge, Don Roberts, Dick Straw
Scenic Painting – Geoff Davey
Properties – Geoff Davey, Anda Banikos
Lighting Operators – Andrew Oldroyd, Michael Thomas
Stage Manager – Phil Nightingall
Make-up – Jan Bull, Nicole Cooper, Trish O’Neill
Production Manager – Dianne Paragreen
Front of House Managers – Marcella Brennan, Edwin Coad
Ticket Bookings – Deborah Harris – Main Street Revelations
Publicity and Marketing – Linda Giddy, Jennifer Paragreen
Photography – Yianni Banikos

Victorian Drama League Judge’s Awards

Ensemble Acting – The cast of Blue Remembered Hills
Pyrotechnic effects – Andrew Oldroyd and Rob Ellis

Victorian Drama League Nominations
Most Outstanding Drama – Blue Remembered Hills, FAMDA
Most Outstanding Director of a Drama – Max Hastings
Most Outstanding Set Design – Geoff Davey
Most Outstanding Lighting Design – Andrew Oldroyd
Most Outstanding Sound Design – Rob Ellis
Most Outstanding Costume Design – Anda Banikos and Abigail van Rooyen

Gippsland Associated Theatre Awards
Most Outstanding Director of a Drama or Comedy – Max Hastings
Most Outstanding Support Actor – Max Hastings
Most Outstanding Lighting Design – Andrew Oldroyd
The inaugural Alby Fisher Memorial Award for excellence in creativity and design – FAMDA for the outstanding creation of the fire effects in the burning barn (principally the work of Rob Ellis and Andrew Oldroyd utilising Geoff Davey‘s set).