Bush Magic

Written by Edwin Coad with music by Rob Ellis, Bush Magic was South Gippsland’s answer to The Lion King with puppets galore and over thirty performers on stage. There was holiday fun for all the family as country children and city kids combined to save the Australian bush animals.

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre
14 – 25 January 2009

Granny – Dianne Frey
Grandpa – Max Adam
Molly – Elektra Banikos
Henry – Matthew Harris
Eartha – Stefanie Busuttil
Connie – Genevieve Moore
Snide – Antony Norden
Bluey – Louise Dower
Bella – Hannah Lind
Sam – Will Pridham

Caruso the Rooster – Max Adam
Henny & Cocka-one – Tania Pell
Penny & Cocka-two – Marg Rudge
Jenny & Cocka-three – Rahel Davies
Knightly the Owl – Norm Willoughby
Claude the Magpie – Max Adam
Jack the Kookaburra – Gwenda Bevan
Tizzy the Thrill-necked Lizard – Barbara Partridge
Priscilla the Possum – Eloise Hendry
Clarrie the Koala – Dick Straw
Cows – Daffodil – Arie Bos, Hyacinth – Brian Hoskins
Three Sheep – Misikir Davies, Shea McDonald-Eckersall, Zoi Banikos
Wallace the Pig – Ben Harris
Gus the Border Collie – Sue Dower
The Ballet Lambert – Yasmin Bohn, Georgia Busuttil, Kelisha Holmes, Tiffany Matthews, Kimberley Shaw, Isabella Thorpe, Matilda Thorpe, Jonti Westaway, Jess Youl
Matilda Kangaroo – Tara Hendry
Bruce Kangaroo – Paul Hendry
Joey – Ossie Brennan
Warri the Dingo – Patrick Dower
Nigel the Wombat – Geoff Harris

John Laurie – Guitar
Kerrie Tudor – Keyboard
Nerissa Richter – Flute
Tegan Murley – Double Bass
Ron Murley – Double Bass
Jim Lowe – Drums

Directors – Edwin Coad, Pamela Coad, Andrew Oldroyd
Puppetry Director – Amanda Richter
Vocal Coach – Pamela Coad
Set Design – Geoff Davey
Music – Rob Ellis
Band Leader and Graphics – John Laurie
Costumes and Puppets – Anda Banikos
Lighting Design– Andrew Oldroyd
Production Manager – Trish O’Neill
Set Manager – Bruce Crowl
Set Construction – Arie Bos, Peter Crawford, Bert Fabel, Larry Giddy, Brian Hoskins, David Hunter, John MacKay, Ross McKenzie, Bill Park, Barbara Partridge, Don Roberts, Brendan Ryan, Dick Straw
Scenic Painting – Fleur Wheeler, Geoff Davey and Cast Members
Costumes – Anda Banikos, Alanna Begg, Anthea Busuttil, Pamela Coad, Mohya Davies, Sue Dower
Puppets – Kate Crowl, Amanda Richter, Bronwyn Wakely, Edwin and Pamela Coad, Tania Pell
Lighting Operators – Andrew Oldroyd, Michael Thomas
Sound Operator – Brett Van Hoorn
Stage Manager – James McIntyre
Stage Crew – Ray Dower, Andrew Jamieson, Rod Lind, Julie and Raoul Pridham, Jon and Ros Wathen
Hair and Make-up – Trish O’Neill, Owen Casson, Marion Ryan, Durrelle Lind, Dianne Frey, Tania Pell, Paul Hendry
Front of House Manager – Jocelyn Town
Ticket Bookings – Deborah Harris, Main Street Revelations
Publicity and Marketing – Linda Giddy, Jennifer Paragreen
Photography – Jocelyn Town
Production Photography – Yianni Banikos
Programme – Jennifer Paragreen