Dinner at Hugo’s

A Gourmet Thriller by Edwin Coad

Set in Hugo’s home on a hilltop overlooking the sea in contemporary country Victoria

Served as the entree to the Prom Coast Seachange Festival
Foster War Memorial Arts Centre
17 – 24 April 2009

Hugo – Lloyd Morcom
Therese – Sue Dower
Natalie – Jean Moore
Grant – Norman Willoughby
Jack – James McIntyre
Samantha – Jo Street
Gretta – Sacha Lamont

Director – Raymond Dunstan
Production Manager – Chris Freeman
Original Music – Rob Ellis, with John Laurie and Jules Schmidt
Set Design – Raymond Dunstan
Lighting Design – Andrew Oldroyd
Sound Design – Rob Ellis
Costume Design – Pamela Coad
Set Construction – Raymond Dunstan
Scenic Painting – Fleur Wheeler
Featured Art Painting – Ann Parry
Costumes – Pamela Coad and Cast Members
Cuisine – Catherine McGlead
Lighting Operation – Andrew Oldroyd
Sound Operation – Rob Ellis
Stage Manager – Arie Bos
Properties – Barbara Partridge
Assistant – Chris Freeman
Phone Voice – Barbara Partridge
Hair Consultant – Antony Norden
Make-up – Trish O’Neill, Tania Pell
Photography – Elizabeth Richardson
Front of House Managers – Marcella Brennan, Edwin Coad

Victorian Drama League Judge’s Award – David Small

Original music in FAMDA’s production of Dinner at Hugo’s (Rob Ellis with help from John Laurie and Jules Schmidt)

Gippsland Associated Theatre Judge’s Award – David Tattersall
Creativity in composing and recording the dinner music CD for Dinner at Hugo’s (Rob Ellis, John Laurie and Jules Schmidt)