Into the Woods

Love, loss, theft, sorcery, seduction, betrayal, death. It’s no walk in the park.

Into the Woods, Sondheim and Lapine’s classic blending of Little Red Ridinghood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and Rapunzel, has been a stage favourite for over 20 years.

It brings some of the best-known fairytales together with an original tale about a baker and his wife who spend the first act attempting to reverse a curse so that they may have a child.

All the tales reach their happy conclusions at the end of Act One, but then the characters must deal with the results of their desperate search to get what they want – the most dangerous of which is the angry wife of the slain giant.

Ultimately we are left with a finale about being careful of the legacy we leave, the tales we teach, and an awareness that no matter what battles we fight or whose side we’re on, all actions have consequences.

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by James Lapine
Originally directed on Broadway by James Lapine
By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd
Exclusive agent for Music Theatre International (NY)

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre
2 – 17 October 2009

Narrator – Charles Gruen
Milky White – Louise Dower
Cinderella – Tamika Ball
Jack – Josh Gardiner
Baker – Andrew Oldroyd
Baker’s Wife – Fiona Watts
Stepmother – Dianne Paragreen
Florinda – Lee-Anne Mitchell
Lucinda – Kerrie Giles
Jack’s Mother – Hilary Stuchbery
Little Red Ridinghood – Katelyn Ardley
Witch – Nicole Cooper
Cinderella’s Father – Ashley Stuchbery
Cinderella’s Mother – Barbara Colbran
Wolf/Cinderella’s Prince – Tim Gesell
Rapunzel – Bindi Dunstan
Rapunzel’s Prince – Antony Norden
Granny/Giant’s Wife – Barbara Colbran
Steward – James McIntyre
Sleeping Beauty – Rhiarna Ball
Snow White – Kim Sharpley

Musical Director – Pamela Coad
Piano – Barbara Fleming
Synthesizer – Paddy Broberg
Synthesizer Strings – Cheryl Connor
Trumpet – Colin Chandler
Flute/Piccolo – Joanne Drury
Flute – Kate Woodward
Clarinet – Alasdair Campbell
Cello – Michael Killian
Double Bass – Ron Murley, Tegan Murley
Percussion – Donald Campbell
Rehearsal Pianist – Barbara Fleming

Director – John Laurie
Assistant Director – Paddy Broberg
Musical Director – Pamela Coad
Production Manager – Dianne Paragreen
Choreographer – Cassie Fennell
Set Design – Gavin Van Eede, Sindy Virtue
Set Construction Manager – Bruce Crowl
Costume Design – Anda Banikos
Lighting Design – Andrew Oldroyd
Sound Design – Brian Paragreen
Stage Manager – Phil Nightingall
Set Construction – Ari Bos, Don Colbran, Peter Crawford, Bruce Crowl, Burt Fabel, Larry Giddy, Max Hastings, David Hunter, John Laurie, Phil Nightingall, Bill Park, Ross McKenzie, Dick Straw
Construction Helpers – Vince Bucello, Ben Cooper, Raymond Dunstan, Christopher Freeman, Janet Lind, John Mackay, Robert Paragreen, Neil Roussac, Brendan Ryan
Set Painting – Geoff Davey, Fleur Wheeler, Rhonda Bland, Edwin Coad, Barbara Colbran, Kate Crowl, Lee-Anne Mitchell, Nick Stefani, Barbara Partridge
Costumes – Serena Ball, Joan Harfield, Marilyn Ardley, Catherine McGlead, Dianne Paragreen, Hilary Stuchbery and Cast
Milky White Costume – Amanda and Chris Mahomed
Properties – Arie Bos, Barbara and Don Colbran, Amanda and Chris Mahomed, Ashleigh and Corindy Morris, Andrew Oldroyd, Trish O’Neill, Barbara Partridge
Prosthetics – Tania Pell
Sound Effects – Rob Ellis
Lighting Operation – Jan Bull, Raymond Dunstan, Chris Freeman
Sound Operation – Brian Paragreen, Jennifer Paragreen
Stage Manager – Phil Nightingall
Assistant Stage Managers – Sue Dower, Brendan Ryan
Crew – Serena Ball, Steve Ball, Rhonda Bland, Ray Dower
Wood Sprites – Elektra Banikos,  Zoi Banikos, Josie Harfield-Park, Shea McDonald-Eckersall
Properties – Amanda Mahomed
Assistant – Barbara Partridge
Hair and Make-Up – Tania Pell, Rhiarna Ball, Jeanette Bath, Denise Bravington, Roslyn Hanks, Durelle Lind, Sarah Lind, Chelsea Shellcott
Front of House Manager – Catherine McGlead
Ticket bookings – Deborah Harris – Main Street Revelations
Programme Photography – Robert Paragreen
Production Photography – Yianni Banikos
Publicity and Marketing – Linda Giddy, Jennifer Paragreen
Programme – Jennifer Paragreen

Music Theatre Guild of Victoria – Judge’s Award
Intelligent and sensitive animation of Milky White, the cow – Louise Dower

Music Theatre Guild of Victoria – Nomination
Technical Achievement – FAMDA

Music Theatre Guild of Victoria – Commendation
Director – John Laurie

Gippsland Associated Theatre Awards
Most Outstanding Lead Performer Female – Fiona Watts
Most Outstanding Lighting  – Andrew Oldroyd
Most Outstanding Junior Male – Josh Gardiner
Most Outstanding Junior Female – Louise Dower