Oedipus Rex

A classical Greek tragedy by Sophocles
Translated by E. F. Watling
Directed by Raymond Dunstan

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre
5 – 13 May 2006

CAST (in order of appearance)
Oedipus – Rodney Sharp
Creon/Prologue/Teiresias – Bruce Grainger
Jocasta – Dianne Paragreen
Chorus/Priest/King Laius – Geoff Robson
Chorus/Priest’s Attendant – Denise Honeybone
Chorus Leader/Priest’s Attendant – Kate Aitken
Chorus/Priest’s Attendant – Paddy Broberg
Chorus/Young Theban Shepherd – James McIntyre
Messenger (Old Corinthian Shepherd)/Citizen – David Baggallay
Old Theban Shepherd/Citizen – Bruce Crowl
Queen’s Attendant – Jane Park
King’s Attendant – Chris Freeman
Musician (Finger Cymbals) – Bernadette Grainger
Musician (Drum)/Young Corinthian Shepherd – Arie Bos
Citizens of Thebes – Barbara Partridge, Paul Hendry, Wendy Allen, Diane Casbolt

Director – Raymond Dunstan
Set and Costume Designer – Raymond Dunstan
Original Music – Rob Ellis
Mask Designers – Meg Viney, Graeme Henry
Production Manager – Max Hastings
Construction Manager – Bruce Crowl
Settings Construction – Arie Bos, Peter Fell, David Hollyfield, David Hutton, Ross McKenzie, Bill Park, Geoff Robson, Rodney Sharp, Dick Straw, Fleur Wheeler
Set Painting – Geoff Davey
Costume Construction – Chris Beehag, Heather Drury, Pat Hendry
Mask Makers – Kate Crowl, Graeme Henry, Meg Viney
Properties Construction – Arie Bos, Paul Hendry, Michael Kellock
Lighting Design – Andrew Oldroyd
Lighting Operators – Max Hastings/Andrew Oldroyd
Sound Designer and Operator – Rob Ellis
Stage Manager – Alan McPherson
Hair Styling – Jenny Cocksedge
Front of House Manager – Max Adam
Ticket Booking – Main Street Revelations
Opening Night Catering – Trudy Haines
Photography – Robert Paragreen
Programme, Publicity and Marketing – Jennifer Paragreen

Victorian Drama League Awards

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Bruce Grainger as Creon andTeiresias
Best Actress in a Minor Role – Cate Feldmann as the Chorus Leader
Judge’s Award – Informative Foyer Display and Programme – Raymond Dunstan, Jennifer Paragreen and Robert Paragreen

Victorian Drama League Nominations
Best Drama – Oedipus Rex, FAMDA
Best Director – Raymond Dunstan
Best Set – Raymond Dunstan
Best Sound – Rob Ellis
Best Costume Design – Raymond Dunstan
Best Actor in a Leading Role – Rodney Sharp as Oedipus
Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Dianne Paragreen as Jocasta
Best Actor in a Minor Role – David Baggallay as the Messenger

Gippsland Associated Theatre Awards
Most outstanding Production (Comedy or Drama) – Oedipus Rex, FAMDA
Most Outstanding Director – Raymond Dunstan
Most Outstanding Lead Actor Male – Rodney Sharp as Oedipus
Most Outstanding Support Actor Male – Bruce Grainger in various roles
Most Outstanding Set Design – Raymond Dunstan
Most Outstanding Lighting Design – Andrew Oldroyd
Most Outstanding Technical Achievement – Oedipus Rex, FAMDA
David Tattersall’s Judge’s award – Arie Bos and Bernadette Grainger as the musicians on Mt Cithaeron

Photo: Norm Willoughby, Bruce Grainger, Jennifer Paragreen, Raymond Dunstan, Bernadette Grainger and Chris Freeman with Gippsland Theatre Awards won for Oedipus Rex