The Producers

The Producers is a stage musical adapted from Mel Brooks’ 1967 film of the same name. The story follows two theatrical producers as they try to oversell interests in a Broadway flop, which unexpectedly turns out to be a hit!

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre
26 October – 10 November 2007

Max Bialystock – Matt Hillman
Leo Bloom – Murray Maclean
Ulla – Kate Williams
Franz Liebkind – John Black
Roger DeBris – Wayne Moloney
Carmen Ghia – Drew Downing
Bryan – John Laurie
Kevin – Peter Bell
Scott – Antony Norden
Shirley Markowitz – Genevieve Moore
Hold Me-Touch Me, Usherette  – Kerrie Giles
Lick Me-Bite Me, Usherette – Lee-Anne Mitchell
Kiss Me-Feel Me – Rhonda Bland
Storm Trooper – Peter Bell
Mr Marks – Norm Willoughby
Accountants – Peter Bell, Arie Bos, John Laurie, Anthony Norden, Jon Wathen
Follies Girls – Louise Clarke, Elyse Cripps, Amy Kindellan, Grace Kindellan

Katelyn Ardley, Zoi Banikos, Peter Bell, Arie Bos, Louise Clarke, Elyse Cripps, Dianne Frey, Andrew Jamieson, Amy Kindellan, Grace Kindellan, Hayley Rodwell, Joanne Russell, Amy Smith, Jon Wathen, Norm Willoughby

Susannah Babos, Rhiarna Ball, Tamika Ball, Monique Goss, Sophie Maxwell, Ellaine Parnall, Matilda Patterson

Conductor – Colin Chandler
Piccolo / Flute – Joanne Drury
Flute / Alto Clarinet /Bass Clarinet – Jacqui Salmon / Elaine Epifano
Clarinet/ Tenor Flute / Eb Clarinet – Monique Bohn
Clarinet / Tenor / Oboe / alto Flut / English Horn – Elyse Cripps
Bassoon / Baritone Clarinet /bass Clarinet – Nick Wherret
Horn – Hamish Williamson
Trumpet – Neil Gracy / Paul Berger / Steph Mueller
Trumpet Horn – Stewart Roffe
Trombone – Dean Miller / Elly Poletti
Keyboards – Carmel Slater /Ewan Cummins
Drums – Jackson Collins
Bass – Sam Westaway

Pamela Coad, Michelle Gale, Andrew Jamieson, Dianne Paragreen, Jennifer Paragreen, Anne Roussac-Hoyne, Jon Wathen, Ros Wathen

Director – Neil Goodwin
Assistant to the Director – Dianne Paragreen
Musical Directors – Colin Chandler and Pamela Coad
Choreographer – Lisa Pellin
Set Designer – Geoff Davey
Costume Designers – Anda Banikos, Abigail Van Rooyen
Lighting Design – Matt Saario
Sound Design – Brian Paragreen
Stage Manager – Phil Nightingall
Properties – Margaret Rudge
Set Construction Manager – Bruce Crowl
Set Construction Crew – David Baggallay, Arie Bos, Edwin Coad, Ben Cooper, Adam Deere, Burt Fabel, John Gulley, Max Hastings, Matt Hillman, Michael Kellock, Rob Liley, Colin McCraw, John McKay, Ross McKenzie, Alan McPherson, Phil Nightingall, Bill Park, Barbara Partridge, Don Roberts, Neil Roussac, Margaret Rudge, Brendan Ryan, Dick Straw, Noel Stringer, Inge van der Schor, Jon Wathen, Fleur Wheeler, Norm Willoughby
Set Painting – Geoff Davey, Fleur Wheeler, Edwin Coad
Costumes – Anda Banikos, Abigail van Rooyen, Rick Pendry, Barbara Stocks, Gill Thomas
Lighting Team – Matt Saario, Andrew Oldroyd, Michael Thomas
Follow Spot Operators – John Gulley, Rob Liley, Steve Mills, Don Roberts
Sound Operator- Brian Paragreen
Backstage Crew – Stephen Ball, Neil Chandler, Michael Dower, Ray Dower, Sue Dower, Kevin Flett, Rob Liley, James McIntyre, Alan McPherson, Steve Mills, Barbara Partridge, Peter Roffe, Margaret Rudge, Brendan Ryan, Peter Snell, Tina Snell
Hair, Make-Up & Dressers – Jan Bull, Jenny Cocksedge, Sandy McDiarmid, Shirley Williamson
Rehearsal Pianists – Carmel Slater, Jan Green, Kerry Pritchard, David Velja
Production Manager – Dianne Paragreen
Front of House Manager – Edwin Coad
Programme – Jennifer Paragreen
Photography – Robert Paragreen
Publicity & Marketing – Linda Giddy, Jennifer Paragreen
Production Photography – Yianni Banikos
Ticket Bookings – Deborah Harris – Main Street, Revelations

Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Nominations

Gladys Moncrieff Award for first performance in a featured role – Wayne Moloney
Design Award – Rick Pendry/Anda Banikos – Roger De Bris costume

Gippsland Associated Theatre Awards
Most Outstanding Lead Actor Male – Matt  Hillman
Most Outstanding Lead Actor Female – Kate Williams
Most Outstanding Support Actor Male – John Black