Twisted Tales from the Woods

Book and lyrics by Paul Hendry
Songs composed and arranged by Paddy Broberg

Foster War Memorial Arts Centre
6 – 18 January 2008

Pre-curtain Faerie sequence with members of the Susan Green School of Dance with Bindi Dunstan, Stefanie Busuttil, Georgia Busuttil, Louise Dower and Josie Harfield-Park plus members of Amanda Richter’s Tildi Montessori Learning Centre. Directed by Miss Susie Green assisted by Amanda Richter and Bindi Dunstan.

Narrator – Paul Hendry
Big Faerie ‘Nuff’ – Norm Willoughby
Granny Mae – Billie Broadfoot/Tarnya Wilson
The Queen – Brian Hoskins
Faith, 1st Sister – Arie Bos
Hope, 2nd Sister – Pat Hendry
Charity, 3rd Sister – Norm Willoughby
Princess Bountiful – Tara Hendry
Dwarf Sleepy – Josie Harfield-Park
Dwarf Bashful – Georgia Busuttil
Dwarf Happy – Stefanie Busuttil
Dwarf Dopey – Louis Wheeler
Dwarf Sneezy – Eloise Hendry
Dwarf Grumpy – Louise Dower
Dwarf Doc – Brandon Busuttil
Cindy Ella – Amanda Richter
Prince Boniface – Katelyn Ardley
Prince Gallant – Zoi Banikos
Prince Elegant – Bindi Dunstan
Prince Charming – David Baggallay
Rupert, the Baby Bear – Elektra Banikos
Mummy Bear – Jan Fell
Daddy Bear – Barbara Partridge
Hansel – Louis Wheeler
Gretel – Stefanie Busuttil
Griselda, the Witch – Nicole Cooper
Robin Hood – Louise Harfield
Little John – Chris Mahomed
Harry Smith – Patrick Dower
Will Scarlet – Sue Dower
Friar Tuck – Geoff Harris
Tom Titter – Ben Harris
Princes’ Understudy – Hayley Beatson

Pianist and Musical Director – Paddy Broberg
Flute – Nerissa Richter
Double Bass – Ron Murley
Double Bass – Tegan Murley
Percussion – Jim Lowe
Guitar – John Laurie
Flute – Nerissa Richter
Double Bass – Ron Murley
Double Bass – Tegan Murley
Percussion – Jim Lowe
Guitar – John Laurie

Director – Paul Hendry
Assistant Directors – David Baggallay, Pat Hendry
Musical Director – Paddy Broberg
Assistant Musical Director – Pat Hendry
Incidental Music – Rob Ellis
Choreographers – Susie Green, Paul Hendry, David Baggallay, Billie Broadfoot, Bindi Dunstan, Amanda Richter, Catie Eales
Set Design – Paul Hendry
Costumes – Anda Banikos, Pat Hendry
Lighting Design – Paul Hawthorne
Sound Design – Rob Ellis, John Rees, Paddy Broberg
Construction Manager – Bruce Crowl
Set Construction – Arie Bos, Bruce Crowl, Paul Hendry, Brian Hoskins, Phil Nightingall, Barbara Partridge Don Roberts, Brendan Ryan, Dick Straw
Set Painting – Geoff Davey
Costume Construction – Pat Hendry and a team of sweatshop volunteers
Properties Construction – Arie Bos, Paul Hendry, Chris Mahomed, Amanda Richter
Lighting Operators – Paul Hawthorne, Michael Thomas
Sound Operator – John Rees
Stage Manager – Alan McPherson
Stage Crew – Chris Busuttil, Michelle Gale, Trevor Wheeler and Cast
Hair and Make-up – Nicole Cooper, Michelle Gale, Trish O’Neill, Tara Richter, Sherri Rochforte
Front of House Managers – Marcella Brennan, Edwin Coad
Ticket Bookings – Deborah Harris – Main Street Revelations
Programme Photography – Robert Paragreen
Production Photography – Yianni Banikos
Publicity & Marketing – Linda Giddy, Jennifer Paragreen
Programme – Jennifer Paragreen

Gippsland Associated Theatre Judges’ Awards

Original music and lyrics – Paddy Broberg and Paul Hendry
The transformation of Cinderella’s coach – Paul Hendry’s concept realised by Bruce Crowl
The residential mushrooms adorning the stage apron – Amanda Richter and helpers from the Tildi Montessori Learning Centre
Delightful acting performance – Stefanie Busuttil