CABARET is a form of entertainment featuring sophisticated, interesting and, at times, unusual music, dance, comedy, theatre and other variety acts, distinguished by the venue – a restaurant, café, bar or small theatre with a stage for performances and the audience sitting at tables dining during the performance which is introduced by an MC.

The first cabaret was in Paris, probably Le Chat Noir in Montmartre in 1881, with other venues such as Moulin Rouge, Folies Bergère and Le Lido.

In Berlin between the wars, kabaret was a satirical and subversive alternative entertainment in the face of the economic and political turmoil of pre-war Germany.

In New York, cabaret developed as part of the nightclubs that grew out of the speakeasies of the Prohibition Era and included burlesque, jazz and the sort of variety portrayed in numerous Hollywood movies.

They all have common elements: small venue, sophisticated entertainment as the audience dines.

CABARETRO is a retrospective on cabaret from Paris in the 1880s & 1890s and Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s before taking us to New York with the speakeasies of the 1920s and the sophistication of the Big Apple post World War II.

Skylines, hemlines, storylines, songs — the playboys, the bombshells, cigar smoke and stage doors. The American songbook swings, sizzles and soars. Late nights, early mornings, no regrets. The duets and songs made famous in New York’s Golden Age of Cabaret are brought to the stage by FAMDA’s talented performers.

Cabaretro patrons enjoyed a gourmet meal with full table service and were entertained by fabulous singers, dancers, musicians – plus a little night magic.

Peter Bell, Natalie Burrow, Sue Dower, Raymond Dunstan, Gavin Van Eede, Georgia Karavis, John Laurie, Alicia Miller & Elly Poletti

Georgia Karavis and Tim Gorman

Peter Cook

Elektra Banikos, Zoi Banikos, Chloe Bindloss, Darcy Clearihan-Jervies, Jasmine Jones, Harley McDonald-Eckersall, Shea McDonald-Eckersall, Laura Parry, Danae Smith, Shona Smith, Georgia Wake, Chloe Wood

Dylan Bomm – Double Bass
Cheryl Connor – Piano
Raymond Dunstan – Accordion
Gavin Van Eede – Guitar
Alicia Miller – Alto Saxophone, Flute & Piccolo
John Laurie – Guitar
Jim Lowe – Drums
Emma Miller – Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone

Concept – Edwin Coad
Script – John Laurie
Catering – Tania Pell
Director/Musical Director – John Laurie
Production Manager – Dianne Paragreen
Choreography – Susie Green
Set Design – John Laurie
Set Construction Manager – Bruce Crowl
Set Painting – Fleur Wheeler, Alayne McKenzie
Stage Manager – Phil Nightingall
Costumes – Dianne Paragreen, Tania Pell
Properties Manager – Margaret Rudge
Lighting Design – Jan Bull
Lighting Operators – Jan Bull, Rhonda Bland
Sound – Brian Paragreen
Rehearsal Pianist – Cheryl Connor
Publicity – Jennifer Paragreen
Programme – John Laurie, Jennifer Paragreen