Two remarkably talented locals, Edwin Coad and Paddy Broberg, created Dreamboats, a musical written especially for FAMDA to perform.

Edwin wrote the libretto and Paddy composed the music for this delightful musical fantasy designed to allow people of all ages the opportunity to work together on stage, and to have audience appeal across the age groups.

The story concerns four students from the same school whose lives are being made miserable by the local bullies. Their toys (all played by adults) help them develop some strategies.

There are puppets and pirates, catchy songs, some good advice and lots of fun in store.

Experienced director, Beth Millar, is in charge in her first involvement with FAMDA.

FAMDA staged Dreamboats 28 September – 7 October 2012 at Foster War Memorial Arts Centre.

Oliver – Leuca Maclean
Vanessa – Isabella Standfield
Jake – Tyler Bindloss
Cathy – Cas Maclean
Edward Bear – Stephen Ormsby
Mary Fairy – Marieke Ormsby
Pirate Pete – Jack Millar
Banjo The Clown – Cat Wheeler
Benny Fester – Louis Wheeler
Brewster Boyle (Bruiser) – Will Pridham
Clothilde Carbunkle (Clottie) – Amy Tudor
Ladderman – Arie Bos
Fairy Queen – Sue Dower
Queen Beeatrice – Dianne Paragreen
Pirate Chief – Geoff Harris
Ringmaster – John Davies

Anne Adams, Margot Bettles, Zoe Bettles, Jarvis Bindloss, Taylor Eady, Bon Maclean, Storm Maclean, Morgan Munson, Summer Munson, Amber Rerden,  Leah Ross, Maddie Slaney, Bella Thorpe, Matilda Thorpe

Flute – Joanne Drury, Kate Woodward
Clarinet – Dianne Berryman
Keyboards – Pamela Coad, Cheryl Connor (Strings)
Piano – Paddy Broberg
Double Bass – Ron Murley
Percussion – Jim Lowe

Ruth Carson, Lyn Jamieson, Jo MacKenzie, Ros Wathen, Fleur Wheeler

Chloe Bindloss, Tania Bird, Hannah Fletcher, Sarah Maclean, Abbie Thomas, Tracey Standfield, Megan Williams

Director – Beth Millar
Band Leader – Paddy Broberg
Vocal Coach – Pamela Coad
Choreographer – Louise Dower
Set Design – Gavin van Eede
Costume Design – Anda Banikos
Lighting Design – Andrew Oldroyd
Sound Design and Operation – Brian Paragreen
Lighting Operators – Josh Vitols, Don Roberts
Production Manager – Edwin Coad
Set Construction Manager – Bruce Crowl
Set and Props Construction and Painting – Bruce Crowl, Bert Fabel, Alan Locke, Kate Crowl, Tania Bird, Arie Bos, Edwin Coad, Graeme Green, Ray Jones, Geoff Montague, Dianne Paragreen, Bill Park, Don Roberts, Geoff Smith, Lorraine Taylor, Will Taylor, Jocelyn Town, Louis Wheeler, The Mens Shed
Costume Construction – Anda Banikos, Tania Bird, Pamela Coad, Jocelyn Grant, Joan Harfield, Cat Wheeler, Megan Williams
Puppet Construction – Amanda Mahomed, Tania Bird, Lorraine Taylor, Megan Williams
Stage Manager – Peter Clyne
Assistant Stage Manager – James McIntyre
Props Manager – Mohya Davies
Backstage workers – Tania Bird, Louise Dower, Sue Dower, Sarah Maclean, Julie Pridham, Raoul Pridham, Tracey Standfield
Hair and Make-Up – Kim Ross
Rehearsal Prompt – Jon Wathen
Foyer Decoration – Megan Williams
Tiered Seating Installation – Peter Clyne, Bruce Crowl, Bert Fabel, Larry Giddy, James McIntyre, Phil Nightingall,  Brian Paragreen, Robert Paragreen, Jon Wathen
Front of House Manager – Edwin Coad
Ticket Sales – Main Street Revelations
Venue Box Office – Norm Willoughby
Publicity and Marketing – Jennifer Paragreen
Graphic Design – Ros Wathen
Photography – Marieke Ormsby, Robert Paragreen
Production Photography – Yianni Banikos
Programme – Jennifer Paragreen

Gippsland Associated Theatre Awards – Winners

Alby Fisher Memorial Award For Creative Design – The Night Mares in Dreamboats (designed by Anda Banikos, fabricated by Amanda Mahomed and operated by puppeteers Chloe Bindloss, Tania Bird, Hannah Fletcher, Sarah Maclean, Abbie Thomas, Tracey Standfield and Megan Williams)
Jill Allen Judge’s Award – for using local talent to write and produce a musical culminating in the staging of Dreamboats
Lawrie Fildes Judge’s Award – for the clever transformation of the beds into boats in their production of Dreamboats