The Shoe-Horn Sonata

The play is set in 1995, fifty years after World War II, when events in a Japanese prisoner of war (POW) camp come to light with the filming of a TV documentary.

In 1945 Sheila and Bridie were released from a Japanese POW camp deep in the jungles of Sumatra where thousands of women and children had lived and died virtually forgotten by their own governments.

Now, after being separated for half a century, the filming of a television documentary forces them to relive the past, contact the present and question the future.

Woven into their fifty years of separation are a shoe-horn and the threads of loyalty and love which form their ‘uncommon bond’.

Based on historical facts, The Shoe-Horn Sonata is a poignant drama laced with gentle humour and an uplifting ending.

In his play, John Misto cleverly interweaves visual representations and music to create a powerful and gripping tale which simultaneously provides a history lesson, emotional impact, food for thought and entertainment.

FAMDA staged this powerful, award-winning drama in Foster between 20 and 28 July 2012.

Bridie – Margaret Rudge
Sheila – Jean Moore
Rick – Peter Clyne

irector – David Baggallay
Set Design – Bruce Crowl
Lighting Design and Operation – Andrew Oldroyd
Sound Design and Operation – Brian Paragreen
Vision Design – Robert Paragreen
Technicians’ Assistants – Josh Vitols, Don Roberts
Stage Manager – James McIntyre
Production Manager – Jennifer Paragreen
Set Construction Manager – Bruce Crowl
Set Construction and Painting – Bruce Crowl, Bert Fabel, Alan Locke, David Baggallay, Leonie Clyne, Tansy Elso, Larry Giddy, James McIntyre, Bill Park, Phil Nightingall, Don Roberts and Cast
Tiered Seating Installation – Edwin Coad, Bruce Crowl, Larry Giddy, James McIntyre, Brian Paragreen, Don Roberts, Neil Roussac
Costumes, Hair and Make-Up – Jean Moore, Margaret Rudge
Front of House Manager – Edwin Coad
Publicity and Marketing – Jennifer Paragreen
Graphic Design – Loretta Bishop
Photography – Marieke Ormsby
Programme – Jennifer Paragreen

Gippsland Associated Theatre Awards – Winner

Mandy Clancey Judge’s Award – for Skilled integration of audio and video components into the production of The Shoe-Horn Sonata