The Vicar of Dibley

FAMDA Winners – The Vicar of Dibley
Christine Skicko: Best Actress – Comedy
Adrian Darakai: Best Supporting Actor – Comedy

FAMDA Nominees – The Vicar of Dibley
The Vicar of Dibley: Best Production – Comedy
Michael Hogan: Best Actor – Comedy
Amanda Mahomed: Best Supporting Actress – Comedy
Judy Barnard: Best Costume Designer
Andrew Oldroyd: Best Lighting Designer


A stage play by Ian Gower and Paul Carpenter
adapted from the original TV series
by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer.
With kind permission of Tiger Aspect Productions

1 – 15 March 2019
Foster War Memorial Arts Centre

David Horton – Michael Hogan
Geraldine Granger (Vicar) – Christine Skicko
Hugo Horton – Adrian Darakai
Alice Tinker – Amanda Mahomed
Letitia Cropley – Jean Moore
Jim Trott – Barry Paterson
Frank Pickle – Chris Pappas
Owen Newitt – Arie Bos
Woman – Amy Tudor

Co-Directors – Tania Pell, Noel Stringer
Set Design – Colin Mitchell
Lighting & Sound Design – Andrew Oldroyd
Costume Design – Judy Barnard
Hair & Make-up Design – Tania Pell
Program & Poster Design –  Laurie Martin
Production Manager – Kay
Stage Manager – Phil Nightingall
Set Construction – Men’s Shed Crew, Jake Chaseling,
Phil Nightingall, Jason Pell, Bill Petersen
Men’s Shed Crew – Heinz Haselroither, Bruce Crowl, Ken Dobrich,
Pieter DuPlessis, Robert Fulton, Graeme Green, Tony Hather,
Robin Henry, John Laurence, Viktor Maligin, Denis O’Neill,
Dick Straw, Col Taylor, John Taylor, Malcolm Wallace
Set Painting – Colin Mitchell, Kate Crowl, Sue Lindsay, Kay,
Phil Nightingall, Marion Ryan
Lighting & Sound Operator – Andrew Oldroyd
Hair & Make-Up – Tania Pell, Denise Bravington
Properties Design & Wrangling – Margaret Rudge
Backstage crew – David Dearricott, Ray Dower,  Sue Dower,
Margaret Haycroft, Zarni Holt, Margaret Rudge,
Brendan Ryan, Amy Tudor
Audiovisual Technicians – Brian Paragreen, Robert Paragreen
Vocal Coach – Edwin Coad
Rehearsal Prompts – Edwin Coad, Amy Tudor
Front of House Manager – Joanne Stringer
Foyer Display – Edwin Coad, Kerry Anderson, Robert Paragreen
Box Office – Dianne Paragreen, Jennifer Paragreen
Ticket Sales – Main Street Revelations
Publicity & Marketing – Jennifer Paragreen
Photography – Yianni Banikos, Laurie Martin, Robert Paragreen
Program Illustrations – Pauline John

FAMDA’s staging of The Vicar of Dibley led into the Prom Coast Festival when the final performance became the opening attraction of the Festival.

The beloved British sitcom, The Vicar of Dibley, originally ran on BBC television between 1994 and 1998. Set in a fictional small village in Oxfordshire, the series told the tale of what happens when a female vicar is assigned to a rural parish. At first the village community is horrified however eventually they learn to accept her as she manoeuvres her way into the hearts of the parishioners and the local community.
The play has all the major characters from the television series. These quirky village characters have become much loved, prompting FAMDA’s decision to stage this iconic comedy.